April 11th, 2006

Patterns in CS2

I don't know where to go with this. I've got a few Patterns. I know how to load in my PS but I don't have a clue how i can use it. I've search everywhere, but don't find anything. I would love to use them in my next icons. Could anyone help me please?


I use Photoshop CS2 and IR.

I have the gif file I want to use for my animated icon I wish to make, but I want to brighten and sharpen the picture, I have tried several times to get the whole thing adjusted, but it only does one frame, I tried selecting all frames and adjusting, what am I doing wrong?

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I know this is an icon tutorial community but I just have a quick photoshop question. I have to make a layout that just says "gruesome" and I've got the design all ready. I just need to know how to make a gross fleshy graphic to go along with it. Do you know how to make something look "fleshy" and disgusting. Like a rotting body up close? Should I get a stock photo or start from scratch? If anyone can point me to tutorials or if you have tips of your own It'll really be helpful.

Lost Brushes!!!

Heyy Guys, I got these brushes a while back, but today photoshop decided to delete all of my brushes, and I can't find them

I have an example of a few of them but there were a few more and i'd like to re gain the whole set,

if anybody can tell me whose they are/ where to get them i'd be very grateful


brushes > > http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a325/spanish-princess/vintage1.png

EDIT: solved, thanks guys!!

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Hi, I've searched through the memories, and I couldnt find anything. I'm not sure I'm using the right term, but can anyone direct me towards a tutorial for making scanlines?

EDIT: I'm using PS7 and any diagonal, vertical, or horizontal lines, or grids are what I'm looking for.


Retro Camera


Could someone point me in the direction of some good tutorials for icons with animations??

I have psp 9 and animation shop 9, so hopefully they will be something i can make with those 2 programs!

Thanks so much!

questions reguarding pant.net usage

hi! umm, here the problem; I wanted to use my new trasparent image on Livejournal, and I downloaded paint.net, after it was recommended. All went well with the deleting of the backround but here's the problem: it was saved as a .pdn file, and as you all know, LJ only accepts the file types of .jpg, .bmp , .gif , & .png.

So here's the question:

how do I change it into one of these filetypes without having the image flatten, which renders my work useless?
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please don't think i'm stupid or anything.. but..
how the heck do you get images from music videos? i've tried doing the 'print screen' button while it's playing, and USUALLY it works, but with some videos, it doesn't. szldkfje help.