April 12th, 2006

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Opening movies in Image Ready

I really need help making mini-movie icons. I'm used to opening movies in Animation Shop and making the icons there, but I just switched to IR because it optimizes .gif's better. The first mini movie icon I ever made there, I did by copying and pasting the frames from Animation Shop into IR. Then I thought, "Hey, maybe it'd be easier to just open the movie in IR and skip Animations Shop altogether."

Well, when I go to open an .mpg I select the option for "Selected frames only" and then hold down shift and get the part I want, I hit OK but only 1 black frame opens. This will probably turn out to be the most obvious fixable thing ever, so sorry if this is a stupid question. How do I get all the frames I want to open? Not just 1 black one? I'm thinking it may also have something to do with the video format...
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Hey guys!

There's this effect that's driving me crazy. No matter what I do I can't get it!! (see next 2 pics)

Image hosting by Photobucket
by nightcomes


Image hosting by Photobucket
by michelle_rts

I mean that bright, sharp clear and yet smooth look. It's beautiful and every time I try it my icons don't come out as smooth or bright.. or white haha.Can anyone please help?

Edit:Found the tut right here-
Thanks anyway :D

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Here are all the icons tutorials I've made.
Enjoy, and please do comment & show me what you made & with which tutorial. =]
And feel free to friend my journal - most entries are friend protected. =]

Icon Tutorial #1 - Ian Somerhalder.
From: To:

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Icon Tutorial #2 - Maggie Grace.
From: To:

This way for Maggie Tutorial )

Icon Tutorial #3 - Josh Holloway.
From: To:

This way for Josh )

Icon Tutorial #4 - Pierre Bouvier.
From: To:


Icon Tutorial #5 - Zacky Vengeance.
From: To:

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Tutorial oo1 -> Jawer Header

Hiya! a lot of people asked me to do this tutorial so here it is, I have to say that I use PS CS and since Im a mess explaining 'cause my english is  truly basic I hope you find this useful and understandable! if you need something more ASK I'm here for ya! ;D

This is my very first tut at livejournal  *runs & hides*

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help please??

I have recently found a video that is played using "Real Player." I would very much like to cap this video, but i am not aware of a way to do that using real player. I have checked the memories under "real player, and capping" [among other things] I found "tinra" to convert the rm to .avi and i tried to play it in "Power DVD" [which i am familiar with] only, when i play it..the screen is black and i can only hear the sound of the video...

ive tried googling things and searching this site - but i come up empty handed!
Any help is desired and appreciated..thankyou SO much!

ps: i will be using the clips in PS7, and i plan to use Power DVD to cap the video

also - power dvd says it plays "RM" and "AVI" files - but it wont play either copy i have of the video.

{A} my husbands

Coloring question

Hi everyone :) I was hoping someone could help me figure out the coloring that was used on this icon:

by __muckingfuffin

I would ask the maker, but I'm not sure that they're the ones who actually made it since I couldn't locate it in any of their icon posts :/ Just discovered that I was correct with the maker ^-^'

I know that there are obviously exclsion layers and perhaps some pink burn layers, but I've been trying to figure it out for a while now and I just can seem to get it >_<'

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

I use PSP8, btw.
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(no subject)

Hey guys I need your help. I'm making an animated icon in AS3 and I have set at the highest image quality and it still comes out grainy. What can I do to fix it?
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Tutorial Question

Hello, everyone!

I remember a while ago that someone posted a tutorial for doing Queen Amidala (Star Wars)/Geisha type makeup in an icon. Would anyone happen to know where I could find that tutorial? Thank you in advance!