April 13th, 2006

i have a question...

so i have a question, and if this isn't allowed them i'm sorry. anyways i've got these pictures, and normally i have no problem fixing them if they're too contrasty. now these pictures are really contrasty though. very orangish and reddish to the skin tones and stuff. i tried duplicating the base and desaturating it and then setting that to softlight but its still a little too orangey. i know that i know how to fix that, i just can't think of it at the moment. help? heh. i'm using psp7 if that makes a difference.

Strawberry Coloring Icon Tutorial

I had a lot of fun making this icon and discovering a few new-to-me coloring techniques that are pretty useful. I decided to make a tutorial for it. It is fairly simple (18 steps total), but I recommend you have a basic knowledge of adjustment layers, curves, layer masks, and defining brush presets.

I used Photoshop CS2; I know this will be translatable to earlier versions of Photoshop, but as for it working with PSP or any other program, I do not know.

With that said, we'll be going from THIS: to THIS:

The tutorial is posted at my new graphics journal (workingpen). Follow the fake cut for the tut and feel free to friend me: I'm lacking in the friends department ;).

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I was wondering if anyone had any tips on proportion. I am going to try &explain it as best as I can. When I make icons, it seems like the pic takes over the whole background, so I don't have a lot of room for text, so it makes it look pretty bad IMO. Any tips on that? I try to make the pic smaller too, but after I do that the pic comes out looking distorted &it just doesnt fit right.
::Here is an example of what I mean::

I was farily happy with how these icons came out, but I wish I had more room for text. I would also make text smaller, but then I think it looks bad that way too!
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Ok, so when you download brushes (like packs at a time), do you save them to your PSPX brushes file? And if so, how do you "unzip" the file so you can see every indivual brush? I've tried and tried, and I'm getting frustrated...

Any help/point's to tuts would be wonderful!!!
[VS} Curves are sexy

PSPX question.

Ok, so I just bought my PSPX yesterday, (but I've done trials for awhile) anyway, I can not seem to get my layers/color palettes up on the screen so I can't do layers. Anyway I checked and uncheck the palettes and it's just not popping up.

I was fine last night then half way through my icon-making it just dissappered. Any suggestions?

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I know this is an icon tutorial community and if i am breaking any rules by posting this feel free to hit me with a verbal smackdown but...Does any one want to show me how to make something like this Image hosting by Photobucket I have tried and it hasnt worked.

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Today we are making this icon of Emma Watson:
from this in PSP8. Should be easily translatable into PS so let's go make something new!!

Dial up users have nothing to fear, since I only have a couple of images. :)

Over here at my icon journal, </font>iconetra

ENJOYY!!! :)
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Masking icons.

I feel like I'm the only person in the graphic arts world who can't figure out how to use masking icons such as these rad ones made by asya_17. when I add it as a new layer and set it to screen, it either covers it up if i use it in white, or doesn't show at all when i use it in black. and every other way i've tried complete covers the picture. Can someone please help me cuz it's really driving my nutty over here. I'm using photoshop CS, btw.

PS 7.0 Font

Okay... so I downloaded a couple of fonts from dafont.com or whatever, but I cant for the life of me figure out how to install em... any suggestions? I click on the file and all that comes up is a little... word like file that shows the font in different font sizes.


Fixed. Thank you two :)

a Harry Potter Icon with PS7

I come bearing gifts, and a request. how to go from this to Image hosting by Photobucket  
requires a slight knowledge of where stuff is in PS7, and how to make icons becasue I'm too lazy to explain everything.
Collapse )

And now the request... If anyone could point me in the direction of some nice banner/wallpaper tutorials it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
[edit]: they can be any kind of tut, I'm not some picky fangirl who is only obsessed with Harry Potter. Doctor Who and Stargate are in there too

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Hey everyone! I come here often to learn new ideas but I actually have a question and hopefully someone can help. =)

I use PSP7 and I think there may be something going on with my text options. When playing with the text anytime I attempt to use the stroke option, it is huge and overpowering. The entire word become basically a bubble of whatever color is selected. Is this normal? The fill works fine on its own, but as soon as stroke is selected, either with fill or on its own, the word is a blob of whatever color is selected.

I was hoping for an explination or a way to fix it, as I have seen outlined text on here before and I would like to get the same effect.

Thanks in advance.
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This is a full icon tutorial for Photoshop CS. It can be translated to other Photoshop versions and PSP. I don't know about other graphic programs because I've never used them.

Go from to

Tutorial is here.
+ you got that look

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ok, i know this is an easy fix but it's been REALLY bothering me.
this happened very recently, a matter of hours.

this has to do with my saving images in Photoshop CS. My .gif images were always perfectly clear, and now i can see some pixely spots on some of my newly saved icons - ex:

see how her cheek is all weird? and some other images i haven't uploaded are even worse.
can some one just post their settings by settings i mean:

(that looks clear cause it's an old image, and yes i've tried those formats)

can anyone post their settings or help me make this better?
any help is greatly appreciated!

Animation Question..

Hia i had a question!
I was wondering if anyone knew how i could get the animation effect like on this icon?
Image hosting by Photobucket
It belongs to respect and made prettyruin(edited sorry my bad.
I can't figure out how the animation is going Around the text.. its not like its in the text or on the outside the text.. its the lines around the text..
I use psp and animationshop
I did not see this in the memorys but if its there sorry for asking!!!
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Wallpaper tutorials?

I saw some wallpaper tutorials before, but I didn't save them. I also checked in the memories, but either I'm looking for the wrong thing, or there aren't any saved in the memories? Can anyone link me to some wallpaper tutorials? Thanks!