April 17th, 2006

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Animation problems

Tonight I read up on capping and animation tutorials (many thanks to crumblingwalls!) and I was able to make my first caps and my first animation. I wanted to show it to my LJ buddies, so I uploaded it to Photobucket. It's shows an animation, but it looks like absolute crap:

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Photobucket cut it down by half for some reason. The original width was 300 but it's displaying as 150 pixels. The obvious problem is all the black noise.

When using Animation Shop, how do you all save your animations? The optimization wizard ran for me and I've tried setting it at the highest(4) and then (3) and neither one of them upload properly to Photobucket.

I'd like to make animated icons, but I can't use an animation that looks this bad!

edit: problem solved. Photobucket has no love for files over 500K it seems. Resized version works just fine:

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Photoshop 7 coloring...

I've been using PS7 for about 2 years now, and I've always had this problem with it. The coloring never shows up properly when I open pictures with it... so I'm forced to use IR to work with the pictures as they are, and then work in PS7 to use features that are unavailable in IR. I'm tired of doing that, so I'm here to ask if anyone knows why my pictures are showing up like this and how I can fix the problem.
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I have a Mac and I'm working in OS X if that helps.
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I would like to make a movie animation. The only problem is when I try to cap off Quicktime, it moves a little to fast for me to get all the caps needed, so the animation looks choppy. How can I extreamly slow down the video, like frame by frame?
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A Supernatural Icon Tutorial

This is my very first tutorial, so it might not be the best, but I tried :)
Please leave some feedback, and feel free to show me what you come up with!

OH! And this tutorial is for Photoshop7 :)

From this:
To this:

Find this tutorial here at my icon journal.
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My first tut!

Hey everyone. Being on Spring Break and not having anything to do, I decided to make myself a pretty new header, and it came out really nice, so I decided to write a tutorial on it.

I'm writing it for a header, but it can be used for icons too, if the proportions are changed.

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Final Product:

Done :). I hope this is pretty easy to follow, and comments are always nice. I would love to see what everyone else comes up with. Feel free to ask questions, too.
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PSP: Brush & Gradient File Formats

Couldn't find it in the memories, so:

I'm using PSPX, and I have a bunch of gradients and brushes that I'd like to use with it. The problem is, they're in .png format, so PSP won't recognise them. What file extension do they have to be, and is there a way to easily change them?

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(no subject)

I've checking in the memories, but couldn't find what I wanted.
I remember seeing a tutorial quite a while ago about brightening up screencaps does anybody have the link for it? Im using PS CS.

Thanks in advance
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heey. I was hoping you all could lend me some help- if someone could point me in the direction of a dashed border tutorial, I would be greatful.

I checked under 'borders' in the memories, and I'll check again, but there wasn't anything there about 2 minutes ago.


edit: I found a tutorial- for anyone else with this problem I went here. :D


I got a problem with my text here. It keeps getting chunky like this:

I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything different than what I usually do. It just all of sudden got really ugly. I use PSP 7.

*Thanks in advance!*

Edit: Problem Solved!
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Question for GIMP users...

How do you use brushes in GIMP? How can you resize them? I always have to treat them as layers, which is difficult to do, especially with borders or ripped/tape effects. I can't tell you how long it took me to figure out how to put the little spots on this icon.

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(no subject)

Okay, so normally I never ask for any help as I usually try to figure it out myself, but I can't seem to find this so.. How would I go about making borders (are they masks? correct terminology, plz) like this?

By the way, I use PS CS2, PS7, PSP7, and a few other programs. Very versatile or something... :P

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I've searched the memories a billion times, but am still confused. I'm also a Photoshop newbie, so please forgive my lack of technical terms ;)

I'm using Photoshop 7 and I'm confused as to how to do an animation. I know how to make the whole thing change, like this:

But I want to make an icon where the background stays the same, and only part of it has changing frames like this one: