April 20th, 2006


So I've seen you guys be able to answer tons of questions so here's mine...

It's not entirely an icon thing it's mainly a photoshop thing, but I make icons out of images like this all the time so that's why it's bothering me.

I will often use images that are png's with transparent backgrounds. But for some reason when I copy it into photoshop it has a black background. At first I thought it was just that site, but nope, it's happening everwhere.

What setting did I mess up?

edit: It's actually only happening with images I copy and paste from Mozilla Firefox.

Thank you all!

Deleting the Background

I saw a tutorial a few weeks ago about how you can delete backgrounds from images by using channels in Photoshop. You make the blacks really black and the white really white or something. I've been through the memories but I can't find it. I need it for a Computer Graphics project, so could someone help me? Thank you very much =)
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(no subject)

im kind of confused im trying lots of tutorials and most of them involve curves. I know how curves work but PSP 7 never seem to does them right they turn out a faint grey is this normal?
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(no subject)

I'm having some trouble uploading an animated .gif onto livejournal because it says that it cannot be bigger than 100x100 pixels. But the icon is 100 x 100 pixels. Can anyone tell me the problem? 

Problem solved. Thank you.


Dotted Text Help

I looked in the memories but nobody has archived the dotted text effect and I don't really have enough time to go searching through all these entries. Can anyone explain where to download the font or how to get the effect?

Thank you so much!
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'Blue Coloring' Tutorial

This is a requested tutorial and is also my first so sorry if you don't understand something. If there is something you don't understand just ask and I'll do my best to explain it to you.

Go from this: Image hosting by Photobucket to this: Image hosting by Photobucket

This tutorial was made using Photoshop 7.

Check it out HERE
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Photoshop problem: Help!

I use Photoshop CS and I have this problem,
when I click on a layer to move it, it goes automatically to the top layer, so I can't move any bottom layers. How can I make it go back to normal??
(This really dampers when you're working on a huge english project. lol)

Thanks for your help in advance!
(yes checked memories, probably missed something)

(no subject)

Well, I'm just wondering how to get this effect on the lighting. I'm using Photoshop 5.5.

I also don't remember who made this icon so if anyone knows, please tell me and I'll credit immediately! (But for whomever did make this...the lighting is simply gorgeous.)

Thanks everyone in advance! ^^

Newbie...requesting help please

Hello! I recently joined this community in hopes of making icons...

I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0

I was just wondering if someone here cud put up a tutorial which teaches me how to make an icon from scratch!!...as in..size etc etc..

Is that too difficult? I'd really love it if you do help!


And btw..this community is great? Do you mind if i promomote it?

EDIT Thanks u guys for helpin me...im on my way to makin loads of icons :D...oh yheah...problem solved as well :D
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