April 21st, 2006

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Brush Question.....

I have a question - I looked in the memories but couldn't find my answer.

I know how to make a dotted brush line from the default round brushes. but I've seen DASHED line brushes in places << how do you do that? I tried using the "square" brushes that came with PS7 but no luck. So.... how do you get the dashed effect?

Please & Thank you :D

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I've been looking but I can't find it in the mems, what was that one tutorial for anime icons someone did with a Kingdom Hearts Character...I wanted to try it out and I forgot to mem it.

Thanks ♥
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Comic Book Effect

I have made another tutorial, this will give your pics a bit of a comicbook drawn effect.

Must have good knowledge of your graphics program.

Go from this to this

You can use this on icons, headers, or whatever you want. I have made a header for this tutorial. I use PhotoImpact, but if you have knowledge of your program, I know it will translate.

on to the tutorial
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I am not sure why, but all of a sudden when I paste an image into PS, &then I try to write on it, the text appears very very small &that happens even when I have the font size on the highest you can set it too. Any suggestions? Thanks! :D EDIT: I actually just tried making a new image &the text is still doing the same thing.
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I'm trying to post an animated icon in LJ, but it keeps saying that the image is larger than 100x100 pixels, though I've checked a couple dozen times and it is not. Any suggestions?

Thank you!


Problem solved! Thank you very much. <333
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Hey! I used PS CS and my rectangle drawing tool is really messed up. It will only make a square for some reason and I can't figure out(cuz i'm stupid) how to change it back so it'll stretch.

Thanks in advance ♥