April 22nd, 2006

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I was wondering if anyone knew where to get those dots (usually red or white) that recently people have been usuing on their icons. I really wish I had an icon to use as an example. Sorry if this is mega vague.
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Okay, i'm blind I think. I'm trying to find a tutorial on turning a black & white image into colour. I've probably passed it a million times, but any help would be great!

Many, many fustrated thanks in advance,

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How can I get the stroke/outline on text to appear on the outside or each letter, vs the inside?
I got the text I like cut from another icon, so that's why it randomly says what it does... I used those awful colors so they would stand out, and a 3px stroke. I hope you understand what I'm asking.

Edit: I use PSPX, but have PScs also. I have enough replies for either program that I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out! Thanks for all the help everyone :) Any other suggestions are welcome though.
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I think I might be a little blind, but I looked through all of the memories for an entry that shows how to achieve a animated rain affect. I swear I saw one when I first joined, but I can't find it now. Help, please?

(By rain affect, I mean an icon kind of like this: Image hosting by Photobucket This icon was made by the lovely snm_queen, and I hope she doesn't mind me using it as an example...)

Thanks in advance if you decide to help... ^^;

EDIT: Problem solved.
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Technical Question

Okay I am trying to make a mini movie icon with my DVD. I downloaded a DVD ripper and imported the moie into Windows Movie Maker in individual clips. My problem now is that I can't take a clip that I want and put it on Jasc Animation Shop. I've tried saving the clips as an avi and mpg but for some reason it caqn't read the clip. Is there anyone out there who may know how to help me witht this problem or who would know another way to make a mini movie icon?
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Carrie Underwood Tutorial

I got bored, so here's a tutorial. Features Carrie Underwood, and it's pretty much the format I used for most of the Carrie icons in my latests icon post.


I use PSP8, and while I have PS CS, I wouldn't know if it's transferrable. I figure it would though. If you have any questions, please ask. I'd love to see what everyone comes up with.

Can be found at my icon journal, here.
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Layer Blend Modes

The first column has no layers added to it. The second column has has a layer of the model (the same image as the base layer) added to it. The next column has an inverted image of the model, the next: the dog/cat image, and so on.

Each row has a different layer effect on the top layer. I included 'normal' so that you can see what each top layer looks like without any layer effects done on it. 'Disolve' is at 50% opacity since at 100% opacity it doesn't do anything. Every other row, each top layer is at 100% opacity.

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Made using Adobe Photoshop CS2, but I think this would be helpful for most other graphic programs, too. I remember looking in the memories and not seeing anything like this so I hope others find it useful.
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issue with saving *.jpg

i just had a comp crash and re-downloaded PS. i may have had 8.0 before, i can't remember exactly, but now i have 9.0 CS2. and when trying to save a file from *.psd to *.jpg, after im done editing and whatnot and want to use it, it automatically saves it as a copy, with 'copy' after the filename. i don't want this. i want it to be named exactly what i named it as a .psd. does anyone know what i should do?

in that save as window, 'as a copy' is checked and dimmed out, not letting me uncheck it. and then next to 'layers' it has a little warning symbol, and at the bottom says 'file must be saved as a copy with this selection. i guess the selection they mean is not having 'layers' checked. but then that's dimmed out also, so it's not like i can change it!

help, please. :(
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issue with an action?

I use CS2. I was creating a couple easy actions for rotations so I had the "Action" window open. Because I rarely use that window, I was playing around with that with an undesirable result. :P Some of the options on the menu were highlighted with a red-clay color and I don't know how to remove it.

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I double-clicked what was under "Color and Tonal Correction work..", which was "Select Workspace 'Color and Tonal Correction'" (not seen in cap). I'm guessing that it highlighted anything that had to do with color and tonal correction, but I don't know how to get them unhighlighted. I didn't see anything like this in the memories, but I may have missed it. Thank you if you can help!
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A tutorial I was trying to follow had the step "add a new selective color layer" and it's for photoshop but i use psp9. Are there any subs for that step? Thanks :)
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Need help - vibrant colouring.

I'm fairly new to this whole icon making thing, and it appears I suck at making icons with really bright, vibrant colours. Especially out of caps. Any tips? I just can't seem to get that really bright look.

Also, does anyone know how _wesleyy_ got the colouring in these gorgeous icons?

I've already asked, but I'm too impatient to wait for a reply, lol. I'd really appreciate any help. :)
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PSP8 help needed!

One of my tolbars has disappeared, the one that has the options and stuff for text, cropping, brushes, etc. I looked through the archives but found nothing, and turned on View>Palette>Tool Options and another toolbar appeared, but it was empty. I can't crop, change size/font of text, add brushes, etc. Please help!

EDIT: problem solved, thank you kindly mi_nion!
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