April 26th, 2006


Tutorial 03 - Harry Potter - Ron Weasley


This is a tutorial made for use with Photoshop 7.0

It requires basic knowledge of Photoshop functions, blend modes, etc.

All I ask is please don't copy this tutorial exactly, but use it as a starting point for your own experimentation.

Rip and burn
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I've Moved.

Animation Question.

♥ I use PSP9 and Animation Shop. I've made this icon: but it comes out to 69 KB and it only has 13 frames!
I've cut down on the number of frames but it doesn't look as "complete" as it does with all 13 frames: . Is there anyway to minimize the size without taking out frames? Thanks.
1d/ boyfronds

brush set compatibility

Okay, so through the archives I found a post that basically said that PS7 will only take brush sets for PS7 and down.

I have a bunch of brush sets that when I try to upload them it gives me an error message saying the brush set isn't compatible, so I'm assuming it's because they're made for PS's higher than PS7. Is there a way to adapt/convert the files so they'll be compatible for PS7?
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