May 1st, 2006


Sadden the mood of a picture

How to get from this Free Image Hosting at

to this

. this is my first tutorial. Please leave a comment if you don't understand or if its help you in some kind. I want to know whether I've written a moderate tutorial
. the picture does not belongs to me
. I'm using ps7 and never used psp but I think its translateable
. its very easy and its suitable for veryveryextremely beginners
. I didnt edit the pic properly because actually this icon was made for my mood icon

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Apologies if I missed this in the memories. How would I go about making an animated icon like the one I'm posting with? I know it involves taking a crap ton of screenshots, but I don't have a screencap program that would let me just sit there and cap-cap-cap for the whole clip I want to make an icon of. Currently I'm making caps by doing some kind of stream/overlay tweaking with VLC media player, so if there's a better way I'd be grateful to hear it. I'd also need to know how to set the timing--aren't most animated shows 24 frames/second?--and tweak the final product so it would be saved small enough for LJ, in terms of file size. I have PSP 9 and some version of Photoshop and Animation Shop to work with. Thank you!

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I went through the memories & FAQ, but I didn't find what I was looking for... Either I just missed it, or it's not there.

Anyway, how does one make icons with only parts of them animated? (Like my icon here.) The only way I can figure out how to do them is by changing the same part in every 100x100 picture (i.e pasting a smaller picture frame by frame on a larger pic) and animating those, but that's a ridiculous bother and the fill will be too big.

I have Adobe Image Ready and Photoshop 7, but if there's a better animation program that you use, I'll happily try it out.

Making patterns...

Does anyone know what I can find tutorials on making patterns? I remember a few months back someone asked the same question but I completely forgot to add the link to the memories. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.
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I'm basically going insane.
I've seen a couple of tutorials floating around that speak of screencapping with Windows Media Player, and so far all of them say something about "printscreen" and I have absolutely no idea what that is. It's begining to bother me. I can follow the tutorial up until then. If anyone has anything that could help, not just with the printscreen part, but to go over the entire screencapping process with windows, it would be absolute love. I also have Realplayer and FLVPlayer, if I can use either of those instead.
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My friend's been using this icon for a while and I loved the coloring, so today I finally remember to ask how he got the coloring, but turns out he took the icon from somewhere else he doesn't remember.

I really like the color, I think an exclusion and a pink layer have been used I tried messing around with Photoshop but I can't achive the same (or similar) coloring. Can any one help me out? I use PS 7

thanks in advance.
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Hey everyone! Newbie here.

I've looked around in the FAQ's, and in fact, I've looked around in several different comm's, etc, to find the answer to my question, but haven't found it. I apologize if it's really obvious, and I just happened to miss it...

Anywho! My question is about the cool glowey circle effect seen in Collapse )

How do you make those little glow spots? I love the look, but have not been able to figure out how to duplicate it. I use The Gimp, but I think I would be able to decipher Photoshop instructions if need be... also, any tutorials that address this would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Someone is going to kill me for this

Because I know that 567,785,987 people a day ask about rounded borders. But honestly, the only tutorial that I can find in the archives is this one and I don't understand what she means when she says to invert the highlighted rounded rectangle, or even how she got it highlighted in the first place. I've also gone back about five or six pages in the daily entries and haven't found a tutorial despite its being so commonly asked about.

I'm using ps7 and there is no rounded rectangle highlighting tool. There is a tool that will create a filled-in rounded rectangle and I know it can be used to create a highlighted rounded rectangle, but I'm not sure how to do that. So if someone could point me to a tutorial that would teach me how to do this, I would appreciate it.

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So, I am having a problem. It is called "usually I screencap with printscreen, but now the only think that comes up is a black screen when I copy-paste it."

It looks like this:
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The big black space is where Doctor Who should be. Any ideas?

how to get this effect?

my friend fearthechopstic made this icon:

but, i cant for the death of me figure out how he made it. te original picture is

I even asked chopstick himself how to make it, but he forgot how to do most of it. so, i humbly ask here if anyone knows how to get that effect. :3
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Ok well, my computer was effed up yesterday, so I had to do a System Recovery on it...and I just redownloaded PSP X, but the only colors on the palette are brown, black, and green. And it won't let me increase the color depth thing. It's really weird. o_0 Here's some screen caps of the problem...

1. Free Image Hosting at 2. Free Image Hosting at

And when I open a picture in PSP or paste one into it, the image turns green and dark...

Image Hosted by

The icon normally looks like this...

Image Hosted by

So yeah...what the heck is going on?

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hi everyone.
i feel like a bit of a tithead asking this, as i actually made this icon myself.
i've totally forgotten what i did to get this colouring.

anyone have any ideas?

edit: got it. was indeed curves & exclusion! cheers :]