May 2nd, 2006

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Hello! I have photoshop 6.0 and I was wondering if someone could give me any tips on making cool icons cuz this community is really good its just all the programs ppl use aren't what I use. I love making Icons<3 I would love all the help I could get.

Message me.
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I'm new to graphic making, I've noticed in a lot of icons that the people in them have really clear, defined, perfect skin (can't remember the name of the technique) I was wondering whether anyone had any suggestions for how to do this? I have PSP 7 and Adobe photoshop 7 too. I understand that the pictures used often already come with this, but I was wondering whether there was a way to do this for those that don't.

Ah. Hope that made sense >>


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Can someone lead me to a step-by-step tutorial on the pinwheel effect using photoshop & animation?
The one in the memories confused the hell out me and I just downloaded animation shop today. I'm a quick learner. Please keep in mind I'm not using PSP.