May 9th, 2006

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hi! i've only been recently doodling with photoshop cs2 so most of the time i have no idea what to do. this community helps me out a lot. ^_^ thanks for all those who make tutorials. *bows down*

i just have one newbie question though, i hope you don't me asking this... how can you make the edges of a picture curved? *sheepish*
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Icon Help

Does anyone know how to get the effect on this icon? I don't know who it's by, sorry, if someone could tell me that would be appreciated.

I use GIMP, but I can easily translate.

Thank you!
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  • zazzay

(no subject)

I have two questions that I can't seem to figure out.

01. I am familiar with making rounded rectangle corners, but (for example) in my userinfo the picture isn't quite as rounded in the corner as I'd like it to be. It's more square-rounded if that makes sense. How can I achieve a more rounded corner is what I'm asking, sorry for all the mess.

02. Again, another question about rounded corners. How do I create a border around the rounded image? I know that you use stroke tool, but that will outline the white too.

I'm using Adobe Photoshop 7. Thank you for your help!
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I'm using CS2 and I was working on some layers for an animation icon and then I switched to make a new image (a plain 100x100 white square) and I can't see the layers in the drop down thing. Any ideas what happened?

{HP} Hermione

Tutorial: Using textures in icons/graphics.

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Me Again.

Ok, I want to save my animated icon as a GIF, right? But it won't let me, and I've tried to optiimize it and it's set on GIF. How do I get it to save as a GIF?

(no subject)

This banner, made by my friend has a gorgeous effect,

i've asked but she can't remember how it was done,

can anybody help me, its the purpley effect on top i want to get, but getting the 'tan' colour will help also, thanks :)

image > > > image here



I have PSP9 and I want to know how to

Can anyone help me learn to make this icon? I asked the maker, carrisma47 but I haven't been able to find her. I have PSP9. Does anyone have any ideas or where I can look for tutorials, or where can I request a tutorial? my bad I was completely overwhelmed. It was VM season finale ok here it is... I'll do it in one sec as soon as I figuree out how to get out of rich editor...

Yes this is a repost I deleted the other one becuase as above I was having malfunctions!!
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(no subject)

Hah, I've posted 3 times today XD. Ok, see the icon I'm using right now? Ok, the quality is all crappy because I had to lower the color thing in windows>optimize to fit Livejournal's requirements. is there anyway I can get back to the original quality of the icon without having it be too big?
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(no subject)

I have a minor question. I remember I saw a tutorial on how to do the Andy Warhol style on icons or images. I'm needing that tutorial now for an art work I have to hand in, and I simply don't remember were it is.
Could somebody point any out tutorial of this kind?
Thanks a lot in advance :)