May 10th, 2006

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i know i'm going to get destroyed and ridiculed 4 this question

hahaha but i simply don't know so i must ask

when one downloads a texture? or gradient

is there a certain way to upload the texture?

because i put the textures in the texture folder thinking hey i'm really smart!

but now i have no idea how to upload them to my icons?

or do i just copy and paste the texture onto the icon!

you may laugh if you must!

but help is appreciated!
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Please, I need help. I've been working on some icons for the past weeks, and they looked alright back home, in my comp. Now, I took them to work (where I have free Internet connection), and they look awfully sharpened in this monitor.

I need your help, fellow LJers, artists and anyone seeing this.

(Do they look over-sharpened to you?) (fake LJ cut)

This is a sample, but all others look pretty much the same.
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Uhm... a little help please?

I'm in Photoshop, and I just made a graphic, and I went to add a text effect {drop shadow to be exact}, and an Adobe Help window opened on it's own. The same thing happened a few days ago, only well over 2 dozen opened at the same time, on their own. But only one opened this time, so I just exited out of it, and canceled the text effect. Now, it's not letting me click my layers/channels/paths section, swatches, or the actual tool bar where all the buttons for different things are {move, selection, text, brushes}. I'm getting my computer's error sound.

It's not frozen or anything. I can still go up top through file, edit, layers, and all that. As well as start new graphics. It's just when I want to do anything to it, that I get the error sound.

I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here, but I was just hoping someone could help me.
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question about an effect

I have psp9 and I was wondering what would be the equivilent of the lens flare in the lighting effects part of Photoshop in PSP9. Basically what would I have to do to get that effect in PSP9. If you need an example then I will give you one by sadiekate! Thank you

this was made by sadiekate
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Looking for a Basic Tutorial

Hi everyone :) I was hoping that someone could direct me to a general, starting tutorial for using Image Ready. I just got it and I tried reading the tutorials on Adobe's website and it's not really helping. xP The main issue I'm having is adding frames to an animation because when I do what the tutorial on the website tells you to do, it just duplicates my first frame.

So basically I'm confused xP And if anyone knows of any tutorial(s) that could help me with the basic functions of Image Ready, I'd really appreciate it.

And yes, I did check the memories; all of the tutorials in the memories are for specific functions like panning and such, I just want something that will explain to me the basics of making an animation in Image Ready.

Thank you in advance!
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How do I fix this?
Sometimes I will be in adobe photoshop and suddenly the text size goes from normal to even a size 2 being MASSIVE. What happened? How do I fix this?
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I was wondering if anyone could help me achieve this animated effect for Image Ready =D

(yeah i feel pretty silly using an award banner as an example but i couldn't find the orginal icon ^^; Credit to hamsterfactor)

Thank you in advance for any help =)
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Textures in PSPX

Ok, whenever I want to put a texture on, it's like it turns the color of whatever my color palette is instead of staying the right colors, does anyone know how/what to do? It's irking me greatly...

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This probably sounds like a stupid request, but I was hoping someone would write me (or point me in the direction of) a tutorial about how to make those icons with the textures and the words. It looks like it should be simple enough but I don't want to mess it up. What seperates the good from the bad? I could at least use a few pointers if anyone has any time.

For example...
Pride and Prejudice quote icons by thy_light

Power DVD

Good evening folks,
I scoured the archives but didn't come up with anything helpful:
I have Power DVD and am interested in doing some Capping. My version is old. I'm not sure *how* old, just old. My system is Windows 2000.
Firstly, it won't play DVDs...which is a whole other kettle of fish, and we'll ignore it as at the moment i'm trying to cap from a downloaded clip.
I have the camera icon capping button, but whenever i pause it on the frame i want and cap, the clip jumps forward, which is *very* frustrating because i want consecutive frames for a mini-movie icon.
And even then when i go to check to folder i configured the caps to save to, they're not there.
I also cannot find the fabled "forward by frame" button.
Help would be very much appreciated!!!

Photoshop CS Help: Tiny text.

I have a small problem with my Photoshop CS. This happens sometimes, but now it's a serious problem that's making it hard for me to make icons and the like.

See, my text is coming out too small. What was once nice and visible at 8pt is now only nice and visible at 600pt. This is driving me crazy. I've done everything I can think of and still nothing!!

I also have another problem. If I try and flood fill an image with a solid colour... my computer automatically reboots. I've no idea why this is happening. It only happens if the image is bigger than 400x400... Can anyone help me with either of these little problems?


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Okay, I am having a slight problem.

I have Photoshop CS2 (yay!), and of course, when you've got a liottle sister.. they eventually mess up everything. Now, whenever I click the Freehand Lasso Tool, the top bar thats suppossed to be under File and Edit and stuff, is gone! It has the options of wether you can change it to point to point I think, or something like that. Or, when I want to select a spot to cut out with teh selectiopn tool, the spot where there's suppossed to be the checkmark and the crossout sign isn't there aswell.

I'm aware that you go to Window>> then to the option you need opened, but I tried all of them and none of them was it. If I'm not detailed enough, I'll try to do it more so, but can anybody help me?

Thank you! :)
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Screen capping?

I've browsed through memories and unless I am just missing it . . .

I'd like to be able to get better quality caps from DVDs. I have PowerDVD and for playing DVDs, I like that just fine. I don't think it takes the best quality caps, though, and converting (by batch or one at a time) is a pain.

Before I had to reformat my computer this winter, I was able to cap with WMP and got good quality caps this way, but now, even when doing what the help file says, I can't do it. The option just isn't there.

I'm running Windows XP Pro and have WMP v10 - it tells me there's no new updates for it and no new plug ins. Is this new for the latest version? I just can't cap from here? Or am I missing something? (I even tried print screen and pasting it into Photoshop, but it just saved a black area instead of the movie)

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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