May 11th, 2006

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get these sort of transparent lines going Diagonally.
I know how to get them going horizontally, and made into small squares.
But there is no option to make them horizontal.
(i use psp x)

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Thanks in advance.

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Over-sharpened, Part Two.

Hot on the heels of the over-sharpening drama in a previous post comes a sort-of solution I gathered from your kind replies. I duplicated the layer, Gaussian-blurred it to 4.0 and set it to Soft Light. The results are not very visible, but I think they look better than before. What do you think?

(BEFORE & AFTER) (fake LJ cut)

(I'm posting this here because it can be considered a good suggestion to fade a crispy sharpening without having to kill redo the icon and/or go back to the PSD file -Photoshop- and do things over again, provided one was careful enough to save it, in the first place)
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CS2 Question

I used to work with Photoshop Elements (which came with my computer) but recently got CS2. I was wondering if someone could help me to find the equivalent to the "selection brush" that I used to have on Elements? Thanks a bunch!

question answered, thanks a million!
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checked the memories, but i couldn't find my problem there.

i'm having a text issue in photoshop 6.
i have caps lock off, but it keeps typing in all caps.
it's pretty frustrating.
i'm pretty sure, that i pressed something that made it go all caps lock-y,
because the font, i'm using, is available in caps and lower case.
is there a way i can turn off the caps?


3 New Tutorials (PS 7.0)

Just finally wrote and posted 3 new tutorials to my icon journal today. All PS7.

This is my first post here so go easy on me... hope they help someone learn something new. :D

Get this funky poparty effect with your fave pictures.
( Sketchy Popart )

Add color to your favorite black and white photos.
( Sin City Style Coloration )

Go from brown to blue (or any other color) in a few simple steps.
( Turn Brown Eyes Blue & More! )
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i have a question.. maybe stupid, but here it is:
how can i create curves and save them as file? i know how to create curves as a new layer, but i want them to be in file, to paste them somewhere without adding settings every time.
thanks for help.