May 12th, 2006

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I put together an discussion on cropping in response to some questions I'd been getting. Concepts range from beginner to intermediate, I'd say. It's not really a "go from this to this" sort of thing, since I just talked about the cropping parts, but here are a couple of the examples I used, just to give you an idea.

Read it at my journal here

my curves aren't working like they should.

I've got a problem. I'm trying to follow this tutorial by brasaremean, but I am already stuck.

She provides these settings for the first curves layer:

"RGB - Input: 106 Output: 150
Red - I: 115 O: 137
Green - I: 114 O: 130
Blue - I: 82 O: 142"

this is how it should look after that step:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

and this is how it looks for me:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I'm using PS CS, and I'm sure I put in the right curves settings. But it doesn't look like it should.

Does anyone have an idea what is wrong? I'd be happy about any help. Thanks a lot.

(oh, and I already asked the maker of the tutorial, but she has no solution.)

ETA: Here ist the psd file:
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Ok First off, I have PSP9 adn I also have windows media player and windows media movie player that has a camera action but the quality of the picture is crap. I was reading in the meemories and some mentioned HyperSnap DX-5. Will that work with Windows media player. I think I also have DVD-X player or something like that. Does anyone have any ideas. I want to start capping my own pictures from my files I have on my computer for when I want to do my icons. It's the summer so I will have lots of time to do them, so I want to get a move on with it. Thanks a head of time for your help!
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Hey guys,

I was wondering how can I get this coloring ?

Free Image Hosting at (Click to enlarge)

And If the maker *I dont know who did it* used curves, is there anyways to get the same coloring without using? I kind suck at it.

Thanks in advance.

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sorry if this has been asked before, but i haven't found any tutorials about this.

how do you get the coloring in these icons?:

created by pullyourtangles

thanks ahead of time if anyone could help or direct me to any really good tutorials for this.

by the way, i use PS, but i can translate psp tuts. :)

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Hi there!
does anyone have a good tutorial for black and white icons. you know, to make them like a bit more stronger colours. somewhat like this one:
for example. you see what I mean?