May 14th, 2006


A question!

Hi everyone, sorry to be a pain. But I was hoping to start transferring my Photoshop knowledge to other works.. and while I have loads of textures, brushes, and tutorials catering to ICONS.. I have nothing for BANNERS or larger creations.

Is there a place where I could find the necessary tools or tutorials for things like photo merges and other effects? I really appreciate any input that you can give me!

Thanks so much!
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Fill Tool? CS2

I have the stupidist question ever for someone who is fairly experienced with Photoshop.

I just got Photoshop CS2 and I can't find the little paint bucket/fill tool. It's not in the toolbox. I have looked several times and gone through each tool to see if it's hiding.

I have looked everywhere and the book that comes with CS2 does not help at all.

I'm sorry, I know this isn't related to icons, but I need the fill tool to make them.
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Hello, I have a question.

I'm a bit of a theatre geek, so, consequently, the vast majority of icons I make are from photographs of musicals. As one might expect, these pictures are rather low-quality, with a black background and very light colors elsewhere.

My question is this- does anyone know of good techniques to enhance the image without making it too bright? Every tutorial I've used on this picture only makes it frighteningly bright. 

Oh, and I use ImageReady CS2.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :)
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Video Icon from a .wma file?

I have a short .avi.wma file that I want to make an animated icon with. It won't open in Animation Shop or PSP (I wasn't expecting it to, to tell the truth). Is there any way I can divide it up frame-by-frame so I can make an icon with it? Any external programs are fine... just as long as they're free. :)

Thank you!!
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Pin Wheel?

I was wondering how I can get the "pin wheel" effect in PS? You can see an example of it over at vanishedicons on the layout header. I know you can get it in AS, but you can only get it centered, and on alot of graphics, I've seen it all over the place. I know it's done in PS, because I've see something about it around, but can't find it. Help? :)

Lasso tool

I have Photoshop 8. I think sometime in the past I clicked on the magnetic lasso tool and now all I'm able to use is the magnetic lasso tool for freehand selections. But I want to be able to use just the lasso tool to select things that the magnetic tool would make it difficult to select. Is there any option for the different lasso tools available or something? I don't see it.

Thanks to anyone who'll be able to help.