May 15th, 2006


question (shockingly)

Ok, this has been driving me NUTS for like, ever.

I can quite happily make animated icons in IR by using a .mov file and opening the relevant section that I want to use. What's bugging me to death is how to do this white-out effect on the animation like everlyn:

I know about motion tween and all that jazz but when you import a piece of film it's already got motion tween on it and I DON'T UNDERSTAND!! *sobs*. So I thought, do I add extra frames and fade them in? You add extra frames but get extra layers that are a repeat of the nearest frame, only they're blank on the layers palette and when you try and adjust one it adjusts all as it's just a repeat of that layer! I think I'm having a nervous breakdown.

Please tell me it's something really simple? Please?
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Two Questions

In one of the screencapping tutorials, people recommended that screencaps be saved as PNG so as not to lose quality. Once I've done work with the images on CS2 I want save them as PNG as well but a dialogue box opens and asks me whether to save them as "interlaced" or "none" ... could someone explain the difference and what I should choose?

Also, I've been looking for a way to achieve the effect in the icon used as example in this post (I mean, the ripped picture effect). I'm assuming there must be a brush with that shape, but I haven't been able to find it ... is there an alternative?

Thanks a million for your time.

Questions answered Thank you, Aikon and Jadeleopard :D
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Guide to Levels

Many have mourned the fact that Photoshop Elements does not have the curves tool that is so useful for making icons and other graphics. However, it does have another feature that can be used to achieve a similar effect: levels. Therefore, I have decided to create a tutorial on how exactly levels can be used to enhance photos for icon and graphic making. I was prompted by a question at this comm, and somehow managed to crank out this tut.

WARNING: This guide is extremely, extremely image heavy. I'm sorry dial up users. D:

Come and get it...
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[Supernatural] JP - male model


Hi guys !

Two questions this time:

001. Well, I trying to do this Image Hosted by but I always get this instead Image Hosted by WTH am I doing wrong ?

002. Somebody point out goods tutoriais for Black & White images please ?

Thanks in advance ;)

problem with photoshop cs2

I'm having some problems with my copy of Adobe Photoshop CS2 at the moment (I use Windows XP), and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction- Basically, Photoshop started going haywire the time when I accidentally interrupted Adobe Updater halfway through updating -

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I just made an icon with this tutorial but I xed out and didn't mem it. I don't even remember where I found it which is kind of making me mad lol. Here's what I made with it.

Anybody know where to find it? I think the tutorial's icon had green eyes and brush..

EDIT- In case you're curious, I delete my browser's history to make space on my hard drive. I shouldn't, but I don't want to uninstall anything or buy a bigger hard drive.