May 17th, 2006


Six Cylon Evolution Tutorial

:: Application: GIMP (tutorial applicable to other applications)
:: Difficulty level: Medium
:: Brief: This tutorial will use a combination of colour layers and the curves function. No outside textures required. Included are the main steps to iconmaking.
:: Text: X-Files

to or

You can find it here over at my graphics journal, serenehorizon. Feedback *welcome* :).

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Alright, so I looked in the memories and could only find two entries, yet I didn't understand them and they were way back from 2004 and I found it best to make a new entry. I hope that's alright.

Anyways, I use Photoshop 7.0 and I can't seem to download fonts or anything, it's rather confusing because I only have the font file downloaded once, and whenever I add a new font when I go into 'C:/WINDOWS/Fonts' it tells me the file is already being used or something and makes me quite angry and very confused.

Any simple suggestions?
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If this is the wrong place to ask, then please tell me.

I have this problem. Whenever I save an image, it's type always turns out as Bitamp. I don't know what to do. Even if it's a GIF image, it still saves as Bitamp. What's wrong with my PC?
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I have a question about mini-movies that are behind the image. Like you can see through the image. I don't have Image Ready, so I can't use the tutorial I found in memories.

~By aoi_sama
Notice: you can see through the circles
Software: PSP7/Animation Shop3

Currently: Resolved!
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Transparent background

I made this smiley and I also used this tutorial to make my background transparent.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(I know the background already looks transparent but that's because the background of this is white)

How can I make the background transparent?

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I erased all of the places I didn't need and then it became transparent and then I saved it as a GIF file and when I open it, it's not transparent anymore.

I use PSP 8.
Thank you~

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Animated icons.

Ok so I am looking for a simple program that will work with psp8 that will make my icons animated. But not turn out all gritty and I have already tried saving in the highest qualitly. Can anybody help me, oh and also can some one tell me where I can get a program the make mini movies?

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I just recently recieved Photoshop 5.5 for my birthday, and I just installed it. One problem- How does it work? I have skimmed the FAQ for things similar to my problem, but I can't seem to locate anything that can help me. My basic problem is that I have no clue how Layers work, or anything related to them. Please help! If anyone has a walkthrough for Photoshop, that would be FANTASTIC. I'd really appreciate it!

EDIT: I've figured out the basics, thanks to everyone who helped!
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I'm looking for a tutorial I saw on how to clean up bad screencaps. I've looked everywhere, but I haven't been able to find it again (and believe you me, I've kicked myself a couple of times for not adding it to my memories!). I think it featured a House icon.

Does anybody have any idea where I might find it?
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Defining Patterns

I've made some patterns in PS7, most 20x20, and have "painted" them onto 100x100 blanks just to show the tiling effects. However, when I use these new 100x100 images to define the pattern, the little tile in my pattern set just looks like the single pattern tile, not the 100x100 one but resized. Collapse )

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Hi all, icon newbie here. I've been browsing the FAQ/Memories but can't seem to find an entry that specifically addresses these two effects. I was wondering how to achieve the really stylized color/enhanced colors that seem to be standard in icons today. Examples:

These are the two specific effects I'm trying get:
1) Image Hosted by
Stylized color

2) Image Hosted by
Enhanced color

Both icons were made by the talented strangefrontier.

I'm still stuck at the levels/brightness contrast stage of icon making and am hoping to move up a notch. I'm a Luddite still using Adobe Photoshop 6.0. Thanks!
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2 Animation Questions

I need some help, does anyone know how to get the effect of scribbling something out, animation wise of course? I don't even have an icon example althou i know there's a few of them floating about somewhere >>;

Also, can someone tell me what you'd do to this base to get the following 3 effects: Collapse )

Thank you for any help given ♥ And i use PS7/IR =)

smoothing pixely pictures.

Yeah; I'm back with probably another stupid question.
I really did look in tutorials for it - but I wasn't completely sure what all it would be under - but I checked around a few of the "beginner" ones and it wasn't there.. SO!

I was wondering. I have a lot of images I really like and they are pretty good quality - except the fact that they are EXTREMELY pixely. Not even resized - the regular image. Is there ANY WAY in photoshop [cs2] to make it actually smooth looking? perferably without using the dodge? tool and smoothing everything out that way. Just a question and it's probably oober simple.. there probably is a tool called "smooth" and I'm a dork but we know that! Any help would be great and if I missed the tutorial - I appologize greatly! Thank you in advance! you all are WAY helpful <3 <3 <3