May 20th, 2006


fixing webcam photos

SOLVED BY geneticlemon! TA LOVE! ♥

Haha, okay I've looked in the memories but all of the entries I checked out for 'blurry' or blurred skin or what have you weren't what I'm looking for, so perhaps I could request a tut here?

Here is a typical webcam picture of me:
face scratched out because, well, I looked goofy


and using curves (I use photoshop cs) I managed to fix it like so:


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but the graininess drives me absolutely insane, and even using the 'smudge' tool to smooth out the skin or a gaussian blur layer just doesn't work. I'm not saying I'd like the picture digital camera quality, but abit nicer, smoother, would be cool.

Anyone feel like taking a stab at writing a tut for me on how to fix it? *puppy eyes*
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[VS} Curves are sexy

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selected userpic Ok, so I recently figured out how to make animated icons *points to the left* Anyway I was wondering if their was any way to slow it down without being choppy?


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(See my icon page for credit)
PS. I'm using Animation Shop. 
Thank you!!

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Take a Look

Lens Flare Tutorial

How to go from Free Image Hosting at to or using Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready

This tutorial requires moderate to advanced knowledge of both programs. Warning: IT IS RATHER LENGTHY.

Sorry my fandoms aren't drop dead gorgeous. ;)

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Comments? Complaints? Compliments? Need something clarified? Leave a comment!
More Examples:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

PS: Can anyone tell me where I can find good tutorials about making large graphics, like LJ headers? Thanks.
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i don't know if this is the right place to ask, but this is the best place i have a chance of getting an answer to my question for since this place is really active...

im trying to make a banner, and i want to use the colors in the picture im using for the text and brushes. but everytime i use the dropper tool and get the colors in my color palette, once i click back on the text tool, the colors go back to what they were before. help?

i use PSP8

fixed, thanks :)
rikku; firecracker

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I have a problem. I'm trying to use ImageReady to animate an icon I have, but I don't know how to export the file from Photoshop to Image Ready. I'm aware of the 'Jump to ImageReady' button, but whenever I click it, a window pops up and says 'There is no default jump application to jump to'. I've looked through the memories, but can't seem to find anything that can help me. Please help!
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Alright, I have a rather unusual question about mask brushes. I feel pretty stupid even posting this, but meh.

I downloaded a set of large mask brushes (by ohfreckle) which I totally adore. However, I'm use to making icons thus working with a canvas no bigger than 100x100. So I don't really know what to do with these brushes, what to create. Pretty dumb, I know...

So here's the crazed part: by any chance, are there sites or communities out there that showcase larger graphics using mask brushes? I'd love to get inspired and see what people do with such brushes. Again, I feel like a complete nitwit for asking this, but any help or push in the right direction is *GREATLY* appreciated. Thanks a lot, anyway!

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I have seen some graphics with an effect that looks like film roll ( this is a random example, there are many others ) I would like to know how to achieve it ... is it a brush, a mask? Also, what kind of blend modes work well for the pictures inside the film? I have both CS2 and PSE

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My computer just crashed...

And I have it back now, but the hard drive has been erased, which means everything (caps, tuts, icons et all) have been erased. I need some help:

1. Does anyone know what happened to a tut that my_givenchy made? It's Kate/Sawyer (I think) from Lost, with a pretty blue-ish coloring, and a white brush to the side. It in't on her LJ anymore. It's one of my fave tuts, so I'd like to know where to find it again.
2. There was an entry with two MKA icons (There's a lot of those, I know) on it. It asked how to get the effects (pink-ish/blue-ish) and in tthe tut, there was a reply using two caps with Lindsay from QAF.