May 21st, 2006

Film trailer screencaps

i assume most of the members here frequent's film trailer section. therein lies my question, sort of, if i can word it properly.

i guess i've failed to enter the appropriate search strings in google (embarassing as it may be to write) because the only thing that came close to the result was the post in the memories section of this journal listing a number of sites that hosted pre-captured images. unfortunately that is not what i'm aiming for, because i intend to attempt to capture something that none other than myself likely give a damn about.

thus far, i've been unable to save the particular trailer in any given format for use on my pc. i've gone through the right-click menu of quicktime and noted that with the pro version it enables a user to save the video playing and at the moment, i want to avoid that if possible though i'm not shying away from the notion of paying the cost of the pro version.

i did piece through the memories and faq and noted that it was mentioned to use the prtscrn method of copy+paste into a given editor but i wanted to see if there was an alternative to that method... or alternatives as the case may warrant.

so, any help in regard to the saving of the actual quicktime (i assume it'd be a .mov) file to the hard drive of a PC and any possible alternative to screen capturing from such a file would be greatly appreciated.

(my apologies in advance to those who run this community if i am out of the boundaries with this post, as i can easily remove it if it is redundant or otherwise causing a problem)
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Tutorial: Increasing Color Depth with Color Burn Layer

simple 2-step colouring tutorial with a color burn layer.

created for PS7, but i'm sure translatable to PSP & GIMP

going from: to

follow the link to the tutorial in my graphics journal.

feedback encouraged, as i'm new to doing tutorials. hopefully i'll get more complicated in the future as my own skills improve, but since these are simple things that i know i had trouble with starting out, i hope this is helpful to others in that position.

Brushes won't work for me!


I've been using brushes in PSP8 for a long time now, but suddenly when I use brushes, they rotate by themeselves if that makes sense?
So if I wanted to put a heart on an icon, when I stampo the brush the heart is upside down or rotated at an angle (its different everytime). It never used to do this before and the rotation box is on 0 so how could it do that?

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Rad Cropping with a Fun Focus

Digital photography is one of the most awesome things ever, you don't have to worry about running out of film after only 24 snaps or getting shots developed. However, it does mean that you're more liable to come home after a really good night, go through your memory card, and find these really dodgy shots that make you wonder what the bar was putting in your lemonade. Well, don't delete them just yet, learn today how to go from this really bad photo of Hugh and Sam from Skybombers to this icon that's a bit of alright:

I'm using Photoshop 9, but this should work in most programs as it's fairly easy.

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Long-time lurker posting for the first time here. :) I was asked to make this tutorial so I thought I'd post it for everyone else on here as well. Hope it works alright for you!



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Saving an animation

I got a real problem, hope you can help me!

I wanted to make an animation (with Image Ready CS) and everything went fine, then I wanted to save it, but I only could save it in .psd or .jpg - what's wrong? How can I save the animation in .gif?
Have you got any ideas?
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How do you get something like those up there? I've been looking for good manga-colouring icon tutorials, but they happen to all suck.

I've also been told that it can take up to 5-10 minutes to make a coloured manga icon. Haha -- shocking. I usually take a minute or less to make an icon nowadays. Oh well. I can learn -- I really want to make anime/manga icons and not HP ones all the damn time. *sigh*


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ah hello there!
right now I am so amazingly tired of never finding a tutorial that I like so I was wondering if you could give me your favourite tutorial perhaps? or maybe you could tell me how these following icons were made;

edit: the Jack Sheppard icon is made by avardrobe_icons
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I just saw a bunch of these icons and I really liked how they were made. And I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get the coloring effects on them. Someone already asked the maker but hasn't gotten a response yet. And for the second one the brush. Thanks!

made by yokokaru_chan
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Disappeared toolbox settings

I'll start this off with the standard "I checked the memories but didn't find anything."  Today I was making an icon in GIMP, but I accidentally clicked something that made the toolbox settings options disappear (the actual tools are still there), like this.  I can still get the settings options by double clicking the actual tools, but I can't seem to find anything that will make the settings go back to the toolbox.  If I have to live with it like this, I'll cry. =(

EDIT: Question answered here.  Thanks sooo much, damnicons

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heyyy people.

by xtatiq
sooo everybody seems to have this whole thing going on in their icons, except me.
does anybody know if the dotted part or whatever is a texture, or what?
any help is fabulous :]