May 23rd, 2006

A really stupid question.

Okay, call me an idjit later...

I cannot find where you can desaturate in PSP9 -_-; I have been using levels and the colour mixer to give that "sort" of effect however it is simply not working with everything i would like to accomplish.

Please help!

Edit: Problem solved!! Thank you everyone for your replies!!
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GIMP: selecting, cropping.

This is driving me deranged. I've made my way through my icon-making babyhood using Paint.NET and now GIMP is scaring the heeby-jeebies out of me.

So: I've managed to grasp how to paste an image. Go me. What I can't work out now is how to select areas and crop. Every time I use what I think is the selection tool, it just moves the whole image across the page, instead of drawing a nice selection box ... And what's with the cropping options? Autocrop? Zealous Crop? Where's the NORMAL cropping tool? At least, those may BE the normal cropping tools - I can't tell, as I haven't figured out how the f they work.

For any possible helpers' reference: when I try to select things, I'm using the "select rectangular regions" tool in the top right of the toolbox thing.
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Photoshop CS(2) - How to wrap text around an object or image

A quick tutorial on how to get your text to hug an image. This involves paths, but is relatively simple to accomplish. If your image is complicated, the process will also be complicated, so practice with simple pictures or shapes first :-)

This tutorial requires some basic knowledge of the Photoshop CS (2) interface. You will need to know where to find your lasso tool, and how to use it, and where to find your text tool and character pallet and how to use them. If anyone thinks a tutorial on these would be useful, let me know :)

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I have a question which I think will probably have a very simple answer. I didn't see anything about it in the memories so...

How do you get a brush to show up in the color it came in? Sometimes I download a brush with a few colors but it just takes on whatever the last color I was using was. How do you make it show up in its original colors? Thanks!