May 24th, 2006

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This is a really stupid question but I can't figure it out. I didn't see anything in the memories about it probably because it's supposidly self explanatory but I'm slower than the average folk.

How do you position the text using photoshop cs? I just started using this one, I'm used to photoshop 5.5, where I can just drag the text to wherever on the picture I want it to go. How do you move it? I'm sure it's probably right there in front of me.

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Another coloring question from me. This may actually be like, the same coloring technique as the last one that I posted. But oh well. Does anyone know how to get this coloring (icons from thetiptonhotel)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic and Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thank you so much. :) Sorry if it's the same techinque as the last icon I posted. :P

Soft Bright Coloring?

Wow, I've been lurking around here for ages, but this is my first time posting a question. Hopefully it's ok--I couldn't seem to find what I was looking for in the memories.

I'm dying to know how to get this soft-looking bright coloring effect like in these icons made by the amazingly talented _witchygirl

1 2

And maliza


Notice how they're quite bright and colorful, but the contrast or saturation isn't harsh? I can't seem to figure out how it was done, so maybe you guys have an idea? Thanks for reading guys!
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Here while back someone made a post where they had collected a bunch of tutorials and put them all together. Well..I didn't put it in my memories and I had only bookmarked it in my netscape browser and it crashed and I had to remove it. If someone could direct me to a link of that post..I would be eteranally grateful!!
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King K

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I'm having a problem with my photoshop, and I hope someone can answer this. I was working on something, and then all of a sudden, when I started to erase from any layer, it told me I couldn't, that there was a program error, and it shut down. It kept doing this until I changed it to 16 bit...color mode, I guess that's what it's called (it's on rgb). So with this mode, I can erase, but I only have a few options to save it with.

Is there any way that I can find out how to let it let me erase in 8 bit color mode? It's not really doing it with everything, just some things.

(I'm using ps cs)
rock baby.

"exclusion" in Paint.NET

Hi! Does anyone know the equivalent of Photoshop's "exclusion" mode in Paint.NET? In Paint.NET there are the following modes:

-color burn
-color dodge

But I don't know which would would create the same effect as exclusion. Thanks so much for your help :)
Abby and Gibbs

My First Tutorial

Well, here it goes for my first tutorial.
This is for PSP 8, it has no curves or anything like that. I don't know how well this would translate, if it works well on another program, please tell me so I can stick it up here!

We'll be going from:


In eight simple steps.

Collapse )

I'd love to see results!

I also made this:
(from this.)
At the end I added at extra screen layer at 100%
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hey y'all.
Got a quick question.
I have PSP 9. && Alot of tuts have where it says 'color burn'. Well, I don't have that on my software. Anyone know how I can get the same effect in PSP 9?

Thankies in advance.
Puck[Were The World Mine]


Hello, I am looking for a tutorial on getting texutres to work, I am not a blonde but I am also not the brightest crayon in the box so is there a really simple one? With pictures? See I want to get these really great textures behind Sean Hayes but I have no Idea how.
Thanks -Hannah

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I've searched the mem's and I'm not finding what I need.
I'm still unclear about these icons.

made by love_n_lost

Yes everyone & their dead grandma has asked about this.
Can anyone help, or direct me to some tutorials.

Second, what about vids?
Is it at all possible to take from vids I find on like, YouTube or something?

Please and thank you!