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 use adobe photoshop 7

i usually make icons that are square but i tried to do an icon that is rounded for a change and ummm it's not perfect...

see what i did was select all but instead of doing one pixel i did i think 11 or 15 px and ummm i trust used the eraser tool... im not sure if i make any sense... just give me any advice on how to make perfect rounded icons. thank you!

oh the icon is the one i am using for this entry. 

also ummm isn't it suppose to be transparent? i can still see something... it's blue! i put it in a transparent backgroudn too and the part that is nto suppose to show is white and gray checker pattern and no one is suppose to see it.... it's transparent but ummm i see blue where ummm the transparent bg is suppose to be. 

oh man help!
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Could someone tell me how to get the white outline or whatnot on this? Kind of a small tut? Just on the layering of the background and what was used? It's made by backintofocus by the way. Thanks for any help :)

EDIT: hahaha I forgot to put the icon ;)

Here it is:

lol :)
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Hosting .css files

Hi everyone, I have a question that's completely off-topic. I hope no one minds me asking it here!

I currently host all .css files (for layouts) at The File Hut, which use to work perfectly. But something obviously went wrong, because my journal is now a plain white page with bulletpoints. Several people adviced me to check I opened an account there and uploaded the file, but that's about as far as it gets. With File Hut, I could right click the document, go to Properties and copy the url which I then pasted in the customizations. But with, I can't. Whenever I right click, I get a specified menu from and I can't seem to find a way to copy the url. Is there another way that I am not aware of or am I simply doing something wrong?

Also, does anyone know any good hosts besides the above to host .css files? Thanks a million!! And if this is totally the wrong place to post my question, I sincerely apologize!

tutorial list

I've made a list of some of my icon tutorials, so I am sharing them with you today. Some of you might have seen them before but I have made alot of tutorials over the last year. I plan to add tons more this summer because I've tought myself alot of new things. I hope they help you out in some way or another :).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More information and tutorial links | here.

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All About the Wordplay: A Text Tutorial

In an idle moment - by which I mean, at a time when I actually have many things I ought to be doing, none of which appeals - I decided to put together some thoughts on text in icons. I'm working with Photoshop, specifically PS CS (on a Mac), but I think by and large the details will work for any version of Photoshop, and the principles are true whichever program you use. I'm trying to do two things here:

1 Give an idea of how to achieve particular effects
2 Offer ideas on how to vary your use of text

Unlike my recent very terse colouring demo, this has turned out rather wordy, and with quite a few illustrative examples, so get yourself a coffee before you settle in.

Note: the icons I use to illustrate this tutorial were all made by me, because it would be a hell of a cheek to use other people's work. Now, I'm not going to stop every five minutes to say where I got an effect from (most of them aren't that complicated anyway), but if you want to find out, ask me. Many of the icons are to be found in my Userpics, with appropriate credits - otherwise, if you see something and want to know where I got it, please ask.

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Okay. That was the really, really basic stuff, and most of the people on icon_tutorials already knew how to create text. So from now on, I'm going to suggest ideas on what to do with your text to make it more interesting.

Incidentally, I should be delighted if other users would add to the collection of ideas, in comments - or, if you have a better method for a procedure than I've described, please mention it. I'm certainly not the LJ expert on Doing Text In Photoshop, and I like to learn.

Anyway. Right. Onward.

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Before I finish, I want to say it again - just because you *can* do fancy things with text, doesn't mean you *should*. I reckon that 90% of the time, the text ought to look simple. I don't mean it necessarily *is* simple, and I don't mean you don't take care to get the details right, I just mean it shouldn't be obviously CLEVER.) The idea is not to produce an icon that screams *OMGlookatMeI'mSOclever*, but an icon that says what you want it to say in the best way you know how. Right?

Okay, I'm done. So - tell me what I've forgotten!

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Hope no one minds me asking but does anyone know where I could find some good wallpaper tutorials? I've seen people make some fab wallpapers but all mine look boring. Help required.
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*About to freak.*

Everything I select is FEATHERED with round edges, rawr! I searched the Photoshop help index, and fiddled around with options! I have noooo idea how to turn it off *cries* T____T. Does anybody know how to rid this annoying feature?

Thanks again!!!

A Question About Mini-Movie Icons.

Okay, so i'm *attempting* to make an The OC video icon from the Season 3 Finale.

One problem, when I bring it up in ImageReady to get the scene I want - it's a white screen.

The file is a .avi & I know it works 'cause I watched the episode last night.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

I've used IR before to make a video icon & it worked, so i'm kinda confused here. Any help is appreciated.
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I was making a batch of icons. I was using the text tool on PS7. Then out of nowhere the font became very small. This is not the first time it has happened to me. I am so frustrated. I tried opening and then closing Photoshop. Yet, that hasn't done anything but keep it the same as before. So all I'm getting when I'm using the text tool is tiny text that you would see in some icons. I even tried changing the size. That hasn't made a difference as well.

It'd be amazing if somebody can help me. Thank you.