May 26th, 2006

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How do I get the effect on this icon by iconofilth where there's the red silhouette? I've tried playing around with screen/multiply layers, but I can't figure out how to keep the shadow a particular color.

Thanks in advance.
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I have a question about text/font on icons. I use PSP 8 and I'm curious about tilting the text.

For example, I made this icon earlier:

but when you compare it to this icon made by italian_jewels, you can see that the text on her icon is much more clear:

Here are the settings I am using in PSP: Collapse )

Is there something I am doing wrong? If anyone could let me know, I'd really appreciate any help! Thank you.
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Hello everyone. I have been a member for some time now and have tried many of the different icon tutorials on this community and I am very greatful for all of the people who have placed their time and effort into making them. I was just wishing to inquire about two types of colouring that I seem to have problem finding tutorials for. If you have any suggestions of good tutoirals to create the colour affect or know how to achieve the colour please tell me. ^-^

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I'm working on an icon in PS7, and I have a layer filled with a light red/pink color set on soft light. I didn't like how the icon looked, so I filled it with a light blue. Instead of the icon looking like it should, the light blue...kinda "mixed" with the pink and it turned a really dark green or blue color and my icon turned really dark as a result.

If that didn't make sense...what I'm saying is this:
I'm usually able to fill in a layer with a different color without having to make a new layer. Like if I had a blue layer and I wanted to see how the icon would look with another color, I'd just fill over it and the layer would now be filled with my foreground color. But now, for some reason, whenever I try to fill over a color, the two sort of "mix" and I get a completely different color than my foreground...get it? =/

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Here's another example of what happens. I opened a new, transparent 100x100 icon. On the background layer, I filled it with #C9CEE1. Picture
I changed my foreground color to #66B360 and filled the background layer in with that color. Now my icon is a medium-dark purple, not the light green it is supposed to be. Picture
For the background layer to be #66B360, I have to fill the layer with #C9CEE1. Picture

And, just now, I filled in a layer with white and filling it AGAIN with white turned it black. Sp, the colors don't mix...they're inverted, I guess.

What is going on with my PS7? =(
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Quick question

I use PSCS. I've just recently gotten into using masks. All the tutorials I have read on it tell me to use a white background with a black masks. Is it possible to use a different color background?


hello there!

Okay, this happens to me now and then when I use different fill colors... (using PS7)

  (the cheek)

It's not to so visible on this icon but sometimes when I use different fill colors it gets very sharpened and "edgy" around the person.

I've tried to smooth or smudge it but it wont work and just looks weird. Someone that has the same problem? Or at least knows what you can do about it? Or do I just have to live with it? ;)


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Hello, I've just finished going through some of the memories and I still have a bit of a question for you all.

I'm a beginner when it comes to coloring and I would really love a few coloring tips. I just can never choose the right combination of color layers and was wondering if there is any method you guys follow.

Plus- I once saw an icon that had extremely bright, vibrant colors but was still smooth. If anyone knows how to do that, please do tell!

Finally, whenever I use something like curves or color balence, the picture loses some of its smoothness. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you so much!
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I am trying to figure out how to make icons...
but I dont understand how to use GIMP!

can somebody please help me in figuring it out...
at least partially explain it???

i would love you forever :D

thanks in advance

<3 Daniecow MaLewis
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How to do this...?

You see how the image below looks smooth and nice? It doesn't have a sharp contrast but looks like it's just filled in skillfully. Any ideas...?

This icon was made by me accidentally while trying to follow a tutorial ;)
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Photoshop appears to hate me at the moment. I've been trying to copy an image in to edit but everytime I create a new image and try to paste it it doesn't show up on the clipboard, yet it pastes on every other program.

Any ideas?

Take a Look

Text Based Icon Guide

Text-Icon Guide

Ok. I'm in no way calling myself an expert. There are far better makers out there than me! I'm just offering what I think works and what doesn't. I'm going from observation and from past failures in my own text icon making. I use Photoshop terms, but I'm sure most are the same program-wide.

MAKE SURE YOUR RESOLUTION IS SET TO 72 PIXELS/INCH. Otherwise the sizing will be messed up.

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Move on to the second part, animation.

Thanks for reading!

Looking for more tutorials or icons? Go to deadkittydesign