May 27th, 2006

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Selective Coloring.

Ok so I recently got psp10. I love it and I know how to do alot of the things on there, but there was this thing called selective coloring. I want to know how to do that I searched it on help but I cant find it. On the box it had this booklet type thing and you could see some of the things you could do. Well one of them was selective coloring. There was the lady and the picture was black and white and her hat was pink. I want to learn how to make certain parts of an image a different color. But still look real. Hope someone can help!

Problem With Making Textures

Hello! I have a problem making textures. I wish to make textures like this:
by colortone
by 77words.

These textures are gorgeous! But I have a problem blending the different colors together and I can't seem to get a "streaky" effect(if you know what I mean). I am using PS7. It would be great if someone can give a rough guide on how to make these textures.

Thank you in advance for any help rendered. =D
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stock - toes and flowers

Emma Rigby!

Go from this: to

Created in photoshop 7.0

Here! Along with two banner tutorials.

Warning: Page is very image heavy, as it contains three different tutorials.

Feel free to ask for clarification or show me what you've made! I likes the pretties :D
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Looking for a certain tutorial...

Hey guys.. I've been looking back through the entries for a specific tutorial that I was sure I mem'd but I can't find it anywhere. I went all the way back to 23rd April, grr. It's not in the community mems either. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you guys remember which one it is if I try and describe it...

It was just a basic icon dos and don'ts guide, with tips on sharpening, cropping, how to acheive certain effects in one post. It was very image heavy.. and erm.. well presented. It said things like "sharp... sharper (better)  TOO sharp" and stuff. I really can't remember what else, one of the examples was a pic of Scarlet Johanson I think. Oh! And it was mainly for PSP. I was looking at it just yesterday and it's like it vanished off the internet, (lol). It's not the one by blindbeats btw.

I'll love anyone forever if they can help me find it!

Found it, woohoo!
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Can You?

brush pack question

I had PSP8 and thus all my brush packs were saved as .png files. I now have Adobe Photoshop CS and Im very confused as to how Im supposed to switch over my brush packs. How do I change their file format and resave them? x-x I looked in the FAQ but I couldnt really find one that explained it to me, that or I just couldnt understand what it was trying to tell me.

If anyone could help to explain this to me I would be very greatful!



I made this:

But how do I make it small enough for lj? It's saying something about less than 40k if it's jpeg. But it's .gif. I'm using an animator called easy gif animator.
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Help for Adobe Photoshop 7

Does anyone know how I can make this icon:

I would ask the maker but it was in an icon challenge and I don't know who the maker is.

Thanks in advance for help!!!


I'm pretty familiar with the photoshop program and this question is more for the colouring
DC Comics: WW84 Diana

How do I get this coloring?

Hi everybody! I'd like to achieve the same kind of coloring from these beautiful icons by eledhwen_girl. I've tried different things but so far the results weren't even close. I know she uses gradients and many color overlays, can somebody give me ideas please? I'll really appreciate it :D
(Sorry for posting this here but I don't know where else I can ask.)


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