May 28th, 2006

idk who made this sry


hi i am new to LJ and i'm also new to graphics. i'm really lost right now, and since i'm new plz be gentle.

1.) how do you install fonts? i'm sooo confused.
2.) how do i make a rounded border on an icon? i can only make circles and squares and idk why!!!
3.) what is anti-aliasing?
4.) THIS IS THE QUESTION I REALLY REALLY WANT HELP ON PLEASSSEEE!!!!!! i love those light circles and i was wondering how you put them on your icon! (like this


Question ...

Hi ..I've been lurking on this comm a lot and picked up some great tips from everyone. I looked through the memories before posting my question.

How do you make screencaps of an entire clip using Virtual Dub? I know how to save every frame in a clip .. but I want to save a frame every 50 frames or so. Is there anyway I can adjust the settings on VirtualDub to do so? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Eternal Sunshine

Mini Movies

Okay I know how to make basic mini movie icons but I was wondering if anyone knew how or knew of a tutorial on how to make icons like this:

made by lidi

Any help I would greatly appreciate.

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So, I checked the memories and couldn't find anything, because I don't even know what to call these sort of icons...

There's so many of these icons, and I have no idea how they're done.

I'm wondering how to get that animated effect? If it's just images that are found, if it's done from scratch, anything you can do to help me =]

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Here's an example of the type of icons:

made for  blink_attack by brokenlette

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I looked through the memories, but I can't find a tutorial on what I am looking for..

I have a really dark, RED screen cap that I am trying to brighten up and take the red tones out of it. Does anyone know the link to any tutorial that may be able to help me?


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I have a problem. I recently got new brushes for my PSP 9. i created them all from image packs by creating from selection. now when i try to use them they only work when i move my cursor across the layer instead of just being able to click the mouse and having it show up.

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how do i fix this issue? any help would be much appreciated :)