May 29th, 2006

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Tutorial #3; Mandy Moore


I use PSP8, however this is (or should be) transferrable. I do have PS CS (though I don't use it that often), so if you have a questions about transferring it, I should be able to help. If anyone has any questions period, please feel free to ask. I'd love to see what everyone comes up with.

Covers: Levels, Color Fills, Color Balance
Should Be: Beginner Friendly, if not ask me!
Not that image heavy.


Small Question

Okay I dont know why I never asked this question before, but since this is an icon tutorial place, does anyone know of a really good banner tutorial lj comm if one even exsists?

Like how to make signature banners, layiuts, wallpapers. Or blendings to make really good ones and so on.

Also does anyone have a tutorial on making something like this?

I love how its blended and how there are smaller images blended into the top and such. I never have quite figured out how to make the smaller images blend well

Thanks to anyone who can help me out
Twilight Alice Composed

(no subject)

Hey, everyone. I was messing around with a cap from the movie Tristan + Isolde and I thought I would share my results. Nothing terribly exciting, but I was impressed with the turn-out. ^^

Tristan + Isolde Tutorial
Today we'll be going from this to .
Program: PSPX
Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

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(no subject)

I have a question on fonts. I downloaded a new font today called Scriptina, reccomended from a friend. She used it in her banners. When I tried to use it, the words came out broken, bearly readable. Click the cut for pictures.

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AS saving

When I save an animated I made in AS, the quality gets lowered. I have changed all the settings and it still happens. When I switch to IR, it doesn't change the quality at all. So it has to be a setting in AS.

This is the original:
And this is how it turned out in AS:
This is how it turned out in IR:

See how the background image is kind of grainy? When I switched to IR, it came out just like the original.

So, what's the best settings for AS that produce the highest quality results? I looked in the mems, but couldn't find anything. If I missed it, I'm sorry and please don't be rude. Just direct me to it. :-)

The members of my community & myself thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


I tried to look for a tutorial that can teach me how to make repeating patterns...I found one in nadine-arts..but it requires downloading filters/plugins.Is there a tut out there that can teach me how?

Help me with coloring issue before I shoot my computer...

I'm working with Photoshop 7 for your reference. So, I'm trying to work with really dark screencaps (again), and I'm having trouble. Whatever I do, it just turns out blah. I've tried some of my tried and true (and new) tutorials, and I'm just getting nothing.

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xoashee made this icon and managed to work it a bit...
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Either way, does anyone have any suggestions or tutorials that work well with really dark caps? Either to brighten them (at the least) or just to do some fun coloring stuff?

Thank you in advance for any help.
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