June 1st, 2006

Need Help!

Hey, I want to make moving icons from clips. I use Ulead Video Studio v.7, photoimpact and microsoft gif animator if that's any help. I can make moving ones of just single pictures like a slideshow but thats all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Icon Tutorial 6?
Kiera Knightley Icon Tutorial

Today, we'll be making this lovely icon of Kiera Knightley as Elizabeth Swan of Pirates of the Caribbean. Right, for the last 4 tutorials I've explained coloring techniques; for this tutorial I'll be explaining how to use masks, brushes, textures to make your icon look pretty!

Go from this:  to

Using textures and brushes by fangirls_inc or ohfreckle's icon journal! This was originally posted in her journal, I was showing her my results in using her resources, someone nudged me to make a tut for it. So it wil also make the following because I used almost the same techniques:
 and  and

( In the Back of your Mind, you're hoping for that! )



Problem definitely solved. Thank you so much!

I have downloaded COUNTLESS brush packs and for some reason I can't seem to upload them on my PSP8? Most of the files are .abr, and when I go to Custom Brush and try to upload them, it doesn't work. Can someone help?

Also, if .abr files don't work...how do you use an imagepack as a brush?

I know these questions might be a little stupid, but I'm a novice to this.
Thanks. :]

Problem definitely solved. Thank you so much!

Ack, All of the Confusion!

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 and I did something really stupid to my settings recently.
I was making an icon and sometimes I work so fast I'm not really aware what I am doing.
Some how I got some of my control settings missed up. I've done this a couple of times and have been able to fix it, but this time I'm having a hard time with it. For example. When I try to get a texture and pick it up, it reads; 'Warning; No pixels are more then 50% selected. The selection edges will not be visible'.

When I go to my squared boxed thing to pick stuff up. I can only do it when it's rounded.

All of my icons and textures by others are 100X100 by the way.

And when I use my textures, I can't even see them! They just don't show up and there very blah. I don't know why I can get this fixed. I know there's a way but I can't figure it out. I went into memories and found one guide. It helped me a little bit but my things are still a little bit mucked up though.

It's just really weird because I just made a new batch of icon. Have them posted up fine and they look great. For some reason though it's just weird now. If any one could show me a tutorial on this or something. That would be great.

Keeping the text in place

Does anyone know how to keep the text to stay in one place in an animation?

Here's an example of what I'm looking for:
(by rashaka)

I've looked through the memories and some of the previous journal entries but couldn't find anything too specific on how to do it.
(The programs I use are Photoshop CS2, Paints Shop Pro 8, Animation Shop, and ImageReady, which I'm new to)
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help please

This isn't an icon tut this is icon help.
Well image help.
When you minimize an image it's meant to get to better quality right?
Cos it's better not to stretch the pixels and whatever. But on photoshop mine does the frikkin opposite! Does anyone know why this might be?
Urhh it's so annoying!
A cookie for anyone that helps :D
Can You?

Text Issues of the Tiny Kind

Im using Photoshop CS and whenever I make an Icon (100x100) and I try and put in text it shrinks it, Even if I set it to a larger size its still tiny, like unreadable tiny. Its like its proportioning it to the size of the icon, if that makes sense. Im tired. So to get it somewhat readable I need to set the font in the 100's which I really shouldnt have to do. And even when I do that its still all messed up because its oversized. Has anyone else had this problem and/or know how to fix it? It was working fine at the start, but I must have messed with something to cause this but I have no idea what I might have done. T-T

Thank you!