June 3rd, 2006

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PowerDVD Question

I'm still learning how to use PowerDVD (I have the version that comes with XP) and I was wondering how I can save the caps as .jpg's instead of .bmps?

Any help would be appreciated big time!

Thank you

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I have always admired fightstarr, and recently she posted an icon that I am curious about how to get the look of.

I've tried replicating the style, and I have a bsic grasp of it, but the best I can do looksl ike this:

Her spotlight look is so realistic - sharp on the top yet blurry on the bottom with a blueish outline.

Or pehaps this could just be a really stupid question because the picture was already like that. Well, if you have any advice, let me know.
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AHH Brushes! -- Brush Management in PS CS

My brush list is out of control!!

Is there a way to change how your brush list loads, so you can scroll through it? Mine happens to go off-screen since I have many, many brushes, and I'd really enjoy being able to read all of the titles.

See what I mean?

Any management ideas would be much appreciated (and yes, the FAQs, archive, and tutorials were checked before answering this question).

Organizing Brushes in PSP

Since this subject has came up I figured I would post this real quick. It only for PSP but mabye someone can post the adobe directions since I dont used adobe and it cant be found int the memories???

you can create folders and select which folders you want PSP to use for brushes. Then turn the folders you dont need off.

I am using PSP 8... but it should be pretty close as I have had several versions before =D

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Weevil love you long time

Not really looking for a tutorial per se, but I want to start making my own brushes and gradients and am wondering how you guys do that. I have a few ideas but I'm not really sure. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. thanks!
edit -- I'm using Photoshop Elements, which has most of the same stuff as PS, just sometimes in a different location or with a different name.
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Ok you guys have helped alot when it comes to me. I need your help again, I love the movie Mouth to Mouth, and I capped the entire trialer from itunes(online) and I want to make a mini movie of this one part, and I saw a tut on how to do it in adobe or something like that anyway I only briefly looked at it and got the sence that if you put all the capps together and make them go really fast they look like a mini movie, well I dont have animation shop with pspX I have this thing called UnFREEz its really simple to use all you do is drop the file into the little box and hit make Gif. But thats notthe point the point is I want to make a mini movie of the part of the trailer where it says "Close your eyes" " and picture the perfect world" and every time I crop then resize the caps its really blurry and you cant read the words, If you want to see the part in the trailer I am talking about go to apple---->trailers---->search---->Mouth to Mouth, so yeah does anybody have ideas that might help me?


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Ok I have a file with lots of brushes and when I try to load it into photoshop 7 it says its not compatible. Is there anyway I can change it to work on it? I dont have the images so that wont work...
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Mac vs. Windows


This came up in a discussion, so I have to ask. I am using Mac while this other person is a Windows user. Will there be a problem for her to use my brushes? I don't see why there should, because both Photoshop-version use .abr, right?

: (

I'm making a few icons, and I can seem to figure out how to upload fonts into my PS7. I know...I know...I'm retarded, lol. Will someone please help me?
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Two Colouring Tutorials, One Brush & Text Tutorial

first, a brush & text tutorial featuring Booth & Brennan
going from: to

view the tutorial here

second, a colouring tutorial featuring Dawn & Buffy {this is semi-based off of another tutorial earlier in here, but does not include several of the steps - additionally, discluding the green overlay layer does yield excellent results as well}
going from to

view the tutorial here

third, a colouring and brush tutorial featuring Cordelia & Wesley
going from to

view the tutorial here