June 5th, 2006

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I'm looking for a specific icon tutorial.  I have seemed to 'lost' it in my memories. Hee. ^-^, I'm not even sure I put it in my Memories, anyway the specific icon tutorial I am looking for has:

* Kiera Knightley from Pride and Prejudice, Blue Color Burn Layer, and Curves.

Would anyone care to help?




Where can I get pictures of T-shirts like this:
&& how can I do colorings like this:


credit: __iiicons

edit: +++ I know it isn't about icons, but how do I delete entries?
actress; diane kurger. so lovely

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Does anyone know how to achive this coloring?

by changed_my_mind

Before anyone tells me to ask her, I already did, as did other people too, but she never answers D: I'm sure it must be really simple. Hopefully someone can help out! ^^
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apologies in advance

Hi, everyone. I checked all of the memories regarding my question and I'm still having a very hard time with it. Whenever I upload any graphics that I make in Photoshop CS, they look awful - the coloring is off and everything is fuzzy. I've done the whole "Save for web" bit and saved it as a .png at maximum quality and it still looks bad. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance, everyone!

P.S. All the tutorials in this community have been awesome so far. (I just joined a few days ago.) I'm learning sooo much. :)
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hp: ron & hermione


I'm having trouble finding a tutorial. I made my current icon out of this tut, and it featured Lucius Malfoy, from Harry Potter in it. It also had the star-like brush, and the light texture you can see in the icon. I've looked throught the memories, and calendar posts, but I cant find it, and I don't have time to search through every post made in the community. Free icons/graphics for whoever can find the right tutorial. (If they want them.)
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How can I achieve something like this? (Made By Madgesty In the Lime-light forums)

I know how to do the round borders, but, what I wanna know is, how do I make one side with the rounded borders and other one not.
sorry if it sounds too confusing

I Use Photoshop CS

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 Hello Guys! Im new here...
 Anywhoz, I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to install texts for Photoshop? I know where to put brushes (presets>>brushes)... but yessums, I've been trying to figure out where to put my text files for a while. 
 Thank you to anyone who helps!

Angelina Blinking

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So HI!
I need some help i saw this being used on
lime-light and i'd really like to know how to
get the black and white so crisp and
get the wavy rainbow thing I use Photoshop 7.0.
(under cut the sig)

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Enhancing Colors on an Icon

I'm working on a stubborn icon. I've tried tutorials and the like and haven't found anything that is useful in this particular case. This stupid thing just doesn't want to have any color!

If I could get some help with this icon, I would love you all forever. I'm currently using Photoshop 7.

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