June 6th, 2006

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'Exclusion' layer + GIMP

Hi guys ♥

I just have one little question cause its been driving me nuts and I thought it was about time I actually asked :P

On 99% of icon tutorials, one of the first steps is to include an "Exclusion" layer. I use GIMP. Is there an exclusion layer option in Gimp, and if so where on earth is it?! :)
(And if not, what is the closest alternative?)

Thanks heaps ♥

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for some reason i can't use a paintbrush properly on my PSP8. i don't know what i did to it, but i can only use one when i click and drag it. and then it's just a streak of crap, not a pretty brush

do any of you know what i did and how i can fix it?

EDIT: fixed :]

tutorial -- soft yet vibrant

going to show you how to go from to using
photoshop 7. pretty simple, and should translate easily into other programs. enjoy!</p>

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If you're going to use any of my gradients or textures, please credit me when you do so. Same if you're going to use the icon.

Thanks for looking! Remember, this tutorial is just a guide to help you in your iconing endeavors. Don't just recreate the icon -- use it to learn new techniques!

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I'm not sure where to look this up in the memories, so I will just ask.

I was wondering how you do the ipod look. (Like in the commercials) when there is a body all blackened, and like a purple background. I just don't know the right want to do it.

Like this:

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And without the ipod and such, just the who idea. If you already have it in memories, then sorry!

THanks in advance.