June 7th, 2006

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I need help!  I'm used to using The Gimp, but recently upgraded to PSP8 and I'm having tons of issues with it.  I can figure out how to make images layers in a workspace.  Can anyone help me out here?  Thanks!

Help please.

Hey all
I'm a bit desperate for help
I'm wanting to make the backgorund of an image black/or white.
It's for a photoset, and the place i shot the set doesnt really go with the theme.
I've tried using the flood/paintbrush tool, but it looks so obvious that it's been edited.
Is there any other way to do this?
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Hello everyone!

I'm hoping someone can explain how I can get a text effect like this in ImageReady/Photoshop CS2.

I looked in the memories and came across this tutorial and I tried it but came across a few problems.

I made the background in PS and added the text to a different layer on to. I went into File -> Edit in ImageReady. In IR I added the new layer and made it white but I couldn't see my layers palette so I couldn't hold "Alt" and click between the two layers (if that's what it meant?)

Gah... I'll end up confusing myself. Heh. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Curves/Selective Color In PSP?

I looked in the memories and couldn't find an answer. Does anyone know how to do curves in PSPX and is the final product as nice as it is in PS? I prefer using PSP so that's why I ask. If you could link me to a tutorial I'd appreciate it. I've seen any PS curves/selective color tutorials and I'd like to achieve that in PSP. Thank you.


Another question.

I was able to make rounded edges without any problems (using a tutorial I found here). But when I try to post it, you can see through the image (or parts of the images). It works okay if you have a white page underneath it, but if it's a color page, then you can see that color through it. In other words, the part that isn't supposed to be trasparent, is.

Ex: A colorbar I've been working on. In the second square, you can see that it's transparent, when it shouldn't be. If anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear them.

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EDIT: Problem solved! And I added a border. Yay me!

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Hi, I'm new to icon making, and I use Adobe Imageready. I see tons of really cool tutorials here with curves involved, however, Imageready doesn't have the curves feature. I heard levels does something similar to curves, and I'm not quite clear how. (My levels window looks like this.) How does the Input/Output settings in curves translate into levels?
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Hey all. Super sorry to bother you with what might be a stupid problem, but...I'm having trouble capping with my VLC Media Player. (There's stuff about capping in the memories, so I figure this is allowed?) Anyways, I DID look in the memories, but I actually didn't find anything about VLC (unless I was looking in the wrong place, in which case, feel free to flame me and complain in iconrants)

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EDIT: I'm using a PC, by the way.
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Quality of a GIF image (animated)

I've just made a GIF animated icon in Adobe ImageReady CS2, but when I save it how a GIF image the qualiy of it get very worst. It looks like strange, because when I  made others animated icons they've appared with a good quality. Can someone help me?

This is the icon

Thanks, Nanyscia

EDIT: Solved
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Translucence and Transparency

This isn't necessarily an icon question, but it could be applied to them, so I thought I might as well ask. :)

At my work they have Photoshop Elements (I use PSP7, so that is what I am most familiar with). My boss wants to know if it is possible to make a subject translucent. I imagine it could be done with layers; something like screen. But is there some other way?

Also, is there an easy way to make a background transparent? All I know is to open up a new transparent image, select whatever and paste it onto the transparency.

Thanks. :)
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