June 8th, 2006


Key to Art

...Is experimenting with luck. (It is atleast one of the..)

Here is an example of something I did while experimenting, by accident(plain luck) I found out something rather cool using Photoshop.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

See what I mean, with only some lines using the lasso tool I ended up with a silhouet of a face of a woman.. Awesome isn´t it. And it only took me some time to play around with the filters and hoping something nice would turn out.
This is a great way to create brushes for example.. hope it can be useful.
[Misc] Moonlight

Animated Icon Tutorial

Uhm, oooookay, I have no idea if I can explain this right. I still tweak here and there to get the icon right and I'm not an expert on animated icons. Just so that you know. It's my very first tutorial for an animated icon and it's image heavy.
Oh and I work with Photoshop CS and ImageReady.

How to make

(I made a .zip of the screencaps. You can use them while you work your way through the tutorial to follow every step - DW Animation Screencaps)

The steps

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I have some questions about masking brushes. (I use PSPX)...what are the purposes of mask brushes? And, how do you use them?
I know it's a short two questions, but I just don't understand them, even though they're adorable I haven't the faintest idea anything about them.
stained glass

Bean & Jodie

I loved these pics from the premiere of FlightPlan. Despite supposedly not being of that orientation, Ms Foster couldn't keep her hands off the lovely Sean - and who can blame her? lol... This is a very easy tutorial, including instructions on how to make the simple light texture used in the icon (if anyone doesn't know how to make them).

From this to using CS2

Here's how
Push Smirk

Text on a Vector Object. (PSP X)

Does anyone know of a tut or can explain to me how to outline text on a vector object (in my case a diagonal line)?

They only way that I know how to outline text is using the magic wand and inverting and expanding. I did that then tried rotating the text, and when I did, it became smaller and blurry.

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