June 9th, 2006

coloring question

I feel quite lame asking this as if I couldn't figure it out myself but I thought someone might help me ^^; Um, how could I achieve a similar coloring to these icons by 0oh__snap___xx? I had a feeling the coloring might include curves, but I wasn't sure.

Thank you for any suggestions!
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Font communities?

A billion years ago there was a community for fonts where you could post and ask people to identify certain fonts...is there still such a place and where? I desperately need to identify a font...

Sorry if this is not allowed, mods feel free to delete if this is inappropriate.
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  • pooq45

(no subject)

Ok, this question may sound a bit confusing.

Ok, so I want to zoom in on an icon or other photoshop project to use my brush. Say I put a circle brush on 1 pixel. When I zoom in, it stays big. Is there any way that I can make the brush smaller? Or am I pretty much screwed? Thanks!


I looked in the memories and I couldn't find what I was looking for. I'm looking to add a lightening effect to a graphic that I'm working on.
Does anyone know of a simple tutorial for it? I use Animation shop that comes with PSP

Please and thank you.
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Icon question

I've researched through the memories and can't find one that adresses my question. Here's the problem: Let's say I already finished an icon, saved it and closed the whole thing (meaning the program). Then after a few hours I realized I made an error in the icon that I want to change. For example, there's a text that was mispelled or I want the text removed from the icon. Is there any way that when you pull up the finished icon, to disect, meaning have the icon with seperate layers again? I mean, I know people would say to just go ahead and recreate it but sometimes its hard to achieve the same effect in either coloring or brushes etc.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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tanya / zeo

Pattern Question

Program used: Photoshop CS
Problem: I made a pattern in black, so everytime I use the Pattern Stamp Tool, it's in black. Is there a way to change the color? There has to be a way that I'm missing. I also tried to make the same pattern in a different color, but Photoshop wouldn't let me because it's the same pattern as the first.

Help. Please? I'd love you forever :)

Edit: Problem solved! Thanks a lot!