June 10th, 2006

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Question- I made this icon yesterday and I want to make a tutorial for it. I'm using PSP, and I still have the PSP file. In it, I have flood-fill layers of blue-ish, red, etc. Does anyone know how I can tell what the html code is for the colors of these layers?
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I seem to have lost a tutorial. I scrolled through about 200 entries, and I either didn't go far enough or completely overlooked it.

Anyway, it was a harry potter tut, with a black circular border/mask/texture/brush or whatever you call it ;). I really appreciate any help I can get in finding it.


*EDIT* Solved

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I feel like a tool for having to ask, but this is really starting to drive me crazy.
About a year ago, I made a post (which you can see here) about how whenever I saved icons, they would always come out lighter than I intended them to be. A few helpful people replied and said to make sure color management was off and to have proof settings as monitor rgb. So, I did that, and everything was fine. But, just recently, it's started doing it again. I tried messing with color settings and proof setups again, but nothing is working!
Seriously, guys, driving me mad. Someone help, please?
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I just started using GIMP, since my PSP trial is over. Anyway, anytime I got to resize my image to 100 x 100, it doesn't resize the whole image, instead it just takes a part of the picture that is 100 x 100. Can someone please tell me how to use to Gimp resize feature without this happening?
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PSP7 Question

Whenever I try to put text on my graphics today, the whole program shuts down. I click on the A to make text to put onto the graphic and then the program disappears. Does anyone know why?

I see people ask questions about Photoshop in here a lot, so I figured this would be the best place to ask.

Thanks!! <33
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A Stupid question

I'm new to icon making and I have some really stupid questions to ask. Hope you can help me =]

I'm using Photo Impact 10 and I don't really know what the tutorials about PSP are talking about. Are their functions similar?

I've got NO IDEA about brushes. Usually people work out things like this:

(By user:tottaly_lost)

But I found that there's a problem. The image of those brushes covered the main image. (That means the spare white space of the brushes couldn't be removed.)The brushes couldn't be put on top of the main image successfully just like the example above.

Am I using those brushes in a wrong way?Or..A more stupid idea:brushes can't be used in photo impact?! LOL Please teach me the right way to use brushes.

Ah..I know my questions are extremely stupid, and I feel a bit strange posting such stupid question here too, LOL. (Freaky English, sorry.)
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Hey guys! I looked in the memories and I'm not sure where to look under. I check under ImageReady & animation but I couldn't find what I was looking for. I was wondering if anyone had the camera flash tutorial, with Chris Brown in it :) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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i was wondering if anyone knew the easiest way to do the stitch-like bordering in the icon i'm using right now and how to change the size of each "stitch." are there also ways to do any shaped trail of the stitches, not just a square border but something that surrounds a certain shape in a picture? thanks for any help you can give me. oh and i use photoshop cs2.

credit for the icon goes to atmosphered.