June 14th, 2006


Help please?

Hi guys.

This has been bugging me for awhile - how do you achieve this kind of style? More examples are here, #1-16. I completely adore icons and headers with that sort of style.

If you know of tutorials or guides that shows/teaches how to do that, I'd greatly appreciate it! :D

*First website is mansruin's icon example site, and the second belongs to injections
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PS 7: 'Secretary' Tutorial - Lightening a Dark Base

Secretary Tutorial for PS7
with an emphasis on lightening a dark base

Start Here
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

End Up Here

Beginner-friendly (I hope!) - you only need to know how to crop, resize, and add text. The rest is easy as pie. Venez avec moi. (More advanced users are welcome, but they'll want to skip large chunks of exposition.)

[Icon is totally stealable, just credit! Also - obviously - don't just follow this tut verbatim and then claim the icon as your own. Be creative! Do your own thing! And I'd love to see your creation in the comments here, if you're so inclined. This is my first tut, so doucement, my lovelies.]

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(no subject)

ooo okay so today's tutorial we will be doing this:

in SEVEN super easy steps. No curves whatsoever !

~really basic understanding of photoshop needed
~made in Photoshop CS2, but it should be translatable
~credit & comments are lovedd.

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Layer Palette Problem in PSP7

Hello, first timer here, long time lurker..

For the past few times I have opened up my PSP7, I have been having a problem with my layer palette. It only shows the opacity section & the blend mode section..not any of the layers..So I'm not able to see what layer I'm working on or drag anything...

Here is a picture of the problem:

Anyone have any clue why this is happening? TIA!!

EDIT: I ended up re-installing the program and WALLAH, it's back to normal...of course I saved the workspace immediately to a default just incase it decides to play with me again! Thanks to all those who tried to help! You guys are quick!! Great community & keep up the good work!!!
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About coloring

This isn't really a tutorial, but a tip.

Over and over, I see requests here for "how do I get this kind of coloring?", referring to many and varied images.

About half of the time, I look at the original image, and see NO difference.

So, just a thought - check the original sometimes - it may just have really nice coloring!

(no subject)

This could also just be very simple and I'm just not all that knowledgable about such things, but can anyone take a gander at this icon and possibly suggest how to get that sort of coloring? Thanks in advance!

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I Have Photoshop CS2

This issue has just started happening recently. Whenever I type in paragraph form, or just hit "return" to get to a new line, it automatically double spaces. It does it with every font, and every size. Does anyone know how to fix it? Collapse )
[Edit] All better. Thanks!
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Brush Stroke Help....

Okay well I was trying to achieve a look in this one image I made again (behind cut) but when I do the stroke that I used is off by a pixel on the right and on the bottom. I have pictures and an explaination of what I did to see if that helps you help me.... so, HELP ME ;) lol.

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Thanks in Advance =D