June 15th, 2006

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master list of icon tutorials

Hi all

I have searched through practically all the memorials on icon_tutorials and checked through around 200 past posts. yet i still cant find what i want.

i remember there were a few LJ users who complied a master-list of the icon tutorials.. i just lost my bookmarks and i'm desperately looking for them again as i think they were pretty useful.

can anyone help?

i love you so much muaks.


(no subject)

Simple question ;

I have just figured out how to use the changing hair color technique on Paint Shop Pro. But the color I want I cannot figure it out. So how can I get a color like this ; Collapse ) or even a white/grayish color?

I know it's possible.
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Alright, let's have a go at this, shall we?

I'm using Photoshop 7.0. Recently I've been gearing up to make a new layout and a whole bunch of icons as well and I've noticed that vectors seem to be pretty good-looking when done correctly.

My problem is I have no clue how to do anything like that in Photoshop. I know wingding fonts can be helpful but clearly I'd like to be able to do more than draw a line and throw in a wingding or fill up a square with the paintbucket.

So I'm looking for tutorials. Some good specific examples of what I'm thinking of are:

asya_17, but more specifically her Vector Brush Set. Yes, I replied asking her how she does it. But she has so many replies I'm sure it just got lost (and/or she has better things to do with her time =) ).

Specifically, I'd like to know how people do their curved vectors. Those, truly, are the ones that peak my interest (they tend to look victorian-y to me, if that helps. Like embellishments).

Also, I'm interested in how to make repeating patterns such as the one on woodycakes' background (especially diagonal patterns like that. Vertical or Horizontal I can do easy enough). It would be nice to know how to do more complicated patterns as well, but beggars can't be choosers.

...and basically just generally anything in that respect. I'm not looking for brushes to do the work for me. Unless that's the magical secret everyone's been using this whole time... but I'd be disappointed if that were true.

I've looked in the memories to no avail and rummaged around the internet but mostly they're not what I'm looking for. I apologize if people think it only vaguely relates to icons.. but I know that this could potentially help people in addition to myself =) If anyone can be of any help (or point me to somewhere/someone that can be) I'd be ridiculously appreciative.

Thank you!
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Does anyone have a tutorial for creating the rain effect such as in these icons below:

(by tinkerfairy)


(maker unknown)

I'm sure it's similiar to the snowing effect, I'm just now sure how to "draw" the rain to start with, though I'd know how to animate it.
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help with anime minimovie icons

okay i really want to make anime minimovie icons. however, the only program i can get to cap anime on is powerdvd... but you can't go backward and thats annoying because i keep missing the scenes i want to cap (oh btw im capping from .avi files, the raws)

so im wondering how do you guys do it? do you convert or do you use another program?
I've Moved.

Coloring Tutorials Master List.

A few coloring tutorials I've found useful, please be aware that:

♥ I did not write these, I just found them to be very useful.
♥ If you find one of your tutorials here and would like me to take it down, please let me know.
♥ If you have found or written a coloring tutorial and would like me to post it, I'd be happy to. Simply post a comment with the URL to the tutorial. With that said, here are the tuts.
♥ If you find one useful, be sure to let the person who wrote it know!



Hope these help you all.

PSP vs PS question

I have PSP8 and PSP9 as well as PS7 and I was wondering if PSP had an option for saving, like with PS where you can save an image with all its layers intact, so you can open it later and play with those layers?

i *really* hope so, as I don't really like PS and don't fancy learning the program just for that.

EDIT: Solved! *facepalms* Sorry for the stupid question and thanks for the help!
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TWO Quick question, & probably easy ones, too...

I've been gathering like 473298 tutorials for the past few days, some of which are for PSP. I've been translating them pretty easily to Photoshop, except for one thing:

Some PSP tutorials say "set layer to 'burn' at X% opacity." I thought, well, okay, there's a color burn & a linear burn in Photoshop, I'll just use one of those. However, it's been brought to my attention that the reason my icons keep coming out like crap is because these are NOT the same settings.

So, my question is, what is the Photoshop equivalent to PSP's burn setting?

Any/all help is greatly appreciated. :o)

{EDIT: also, am I correct in my assumption that the Photoshop's 'lumosity' setting is the same as PSP's 'luminance' setting?}

{EDIT #2: SOLVED! Thanks, snowflakie06!:o)}
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Soft Light in Reverse?

Hey. =) I have a quick and simple question for all of you.

I have an image that looks like it has been hit with a duplicate soft light layer one too many times. What layer blend mode would I use to reverse this effect? Thanks in advance.
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I use PSP9, and I'm looking for help on how to create a border round a photograph or picture. I'm sure I saw this question asked about a fortnight ago, but I've gone back and can't see it. I'm also certain that the response to the question if I were using PS would be the stroke option, but I'm not sure if PSP has that option.

Collapse )

Solved I think, thanks to elitenobody
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Photoshop brushes question

Hallo~ I use photoshop, and I have a question about brushes. They're are so many pretty ones, but I don't download and use them often for a reason. Every time I try to view/scroll through my brushes, it lags and takes a while to let me see them, and even after I've scrolled and "loaded" through all of them, when I try to scroll the other way it still lags. ~_~ I have no idea if this is possible (so if it isn't, feel free to delete) but is there away to make it less lagsome? Thank you! ♥
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Dean-muted colour

(no subject)

I posted this before, but didn't get any results...

I made these icons, but I completely forgot how I did the colouring :

I'm pretty sure there's a softlight layer in there...but not sure about the color layers and the rest. Thanks!

P.S. I use PS7.