June 16th, 2006

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Question about Selection Tools

I hate having to post another question, and I searched the memories first, but, no dice.

In Photoshop CS, is there a Selection tool for a Rounded Rectangle? There is in PSP, so lately I've just been using that whenever I need a rounded rectangle. But I was hoping I'm just overlooking something. For me, the only selection tools I have are the rectangle, eclipse, and single line/column. Is there somewhere I can download more? Do I have to use another tool for a rounded rectangle?

Somewhat related, is it worth upgrading to CS 2?

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I use PSP 8.

I'm a complete newbie to the pen tool, so some advice is needed.

So this is how it comes out now, but I want it just straight lines, not filled in, if you can get what I mean. I would like it to come out like this. I think that's the pen tool, is there another tool I should be using?

Here are my settings.
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PSP9 Layers

Hey Everyone,

I have Paint Shop Pro 9...does anyone have some sort of tutorial stashed away that explains in-depth on how to make an image using layers? I've tried to follow some of the tutorials on here but I get utterly lost when they start to say something like setting a layer to exclusion 100, for example. Anyways, I would be incredibly greatful for anyone that can help!
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"...is love" banners

I was wondering if anyone had an tutorials or could tell me some stuff about people's "...is love" banners.
I've tried to make some just by using some of my past icons but i can never get the colouring of the individual icons to complement.
Is there a knack to doing them or is it just literally arranging some icons onto a blank canvas?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Charlotte xxx
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Help please?

This is my first post, I've been searching through months and months of past tutorials and I can't find one with this exact coloring....please help! BTW if my LJ cut doesn't work or something, feel free to yell at me, this is my first time making one. N00b >.< Thank you.
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(Don't aks me where the title came from, seriously, I have no idea)

I need help! Okay, well, I came back from the beach and was so excited to finally have my lovely PSP back (version 9 if that makes a difference) and I get on and right away want to make something.

(sorry you had to go through the story)

But I tried to resize the image to make it icon-size and it got all pixally. Like, really pixally. But this had never happened before. It was dandy and fine before the trip.

This probably has a simple answer but I'm PSP retarded, so HELP, please!
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I have a question..I've checked the memories and everything, but I was wondering if anyone had some tutorials for making icons from Black and White pictures? I can't seem to find any. Thanx in advance.
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Hello there,

I have what seems to be a very unique PowerDVD problem: I don't have the screencap button that everyone keeps talking about. But when I tried to update, it just sort of froze on me. When I did it again, it said I already had the latest version.

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I'm hoping to make a mini-movie icon, rather like the one I'm using. I have Animation Shop, PSP8, and as I've said, PowerDVD. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Does anyone by the chance know have to get two or more different animations run in the same image?
etc:   (If anyone know who made this icon please link me, thanks)
You can see there are 3 different animations from different scenes running at the same time, I didn't find anything helpful in the archive. So can anyone link me to a tut or share some tips? Pretty please?
PS: I use Photoshop and IR 7.0

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Rollover Problems

I suppose this is probably more of a "computer" problem than a PSP problem, but I'll try here anyways.

I used to have a Windows 98 computer that I ran my PSP 7 on, and it worked fine on it. Then, about six months ago, I got a new XP computer, but when I installed PSP 7 on it, I noticed that when I roll over a layer on the layers pallette, it no longer shows a thumbnail of the layer. This also happens in Soulseek (completely different program FYI); when I rollover a username, the usernotes I make don't show, whereas they did on my old computer.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do, or where else I could find help? Thanks!
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pen tool filling in curves

I feel really ridiculous for asking this question considering I'm trying to do tutorials on iconing basics, but it can't hurt to ask.

I'm working on an "ipod" looking icon, and I've made similar ones in psp before but never in photoshop. In PSP, I know the way to keep the pen tool from filling in the curves was to turn off the background color. How do I do this or an equivalent of this in photoshop?
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