June 17th, 2006

Attempting To Help You Guys.

I know you guys get so frustrated with people asking the same colorings over & over again, right?

And so, I'm bored so I decided to set up a community just for icon colorings.

I had this community in mind whilst making it & also, i'm sure it'll help.

And I also know that you aren't allowed to pimp communities, but I'm going to because it might benifit you guys, you know?

If not, then do delete the post & I apologise, i'm just trying to help out. =]

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Two questions.

Is there a way to make pictures/icons look less grainy? [example]


Could anyone possibly link me to some wallpaper tutorials that have been posted?
I've been meaning to make some for myself, but I just don't know how to start - I need inspiration is what I'm trying to say.

Thanks so much!

You guys are the best, thanks!
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Problem With Saving Transparency

I'm using PS CS and can't save any of my graphics with transparency on them. I went through the memories and couldn't find anything about this except that you had to check the transparency box when saving it. Well I did that and it still doesn't work. I took a screencap of my settings, so if I'm doing anything wrong please correct me. Thanks in advance.

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I have an uploading question.

I save all the graphics I make on photoshop as jpeg images. I try to upload them to photobucket, but it doesn't work. Instead, it just comes up with the file name, and no picture.

Until I put it through paint. Once I re-save it as a jpeg in paint, then it seems to work just fine, except as I'm sure you all are aware, paint totally screws up the quality and colors.

Can anyone help me? I've tested things, and had my friend upload the graphics to my photobucket account, and it worked fine.

So I think it's my own computer problem, but I can't figure out what's wrong. Can anyone help?

And I hope this is an appropriate question to post here. :/

Any help is appreciated.
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2 x 1: Two tutorials for you

Hello, I haven't posted in a long time, but here I bring you two full icon tutorials I recently made.

Tutorial 01: Gradients & Gradient Maps (Works best for any version of PS or any other program that handles Gradient Maps). So we'll learning how to accomplish this transformation:

Just follow the instructions

Tutorial 02: Coloring & Lights (Works best for PS, but it can be translated to other programs) For this one, we'll be learning how to do this:

Just follow the instructions

Curves in PSP8


I am really annoyed with curves in PSP8! I always see great colourings that need 
curves but in PSP 8, they never turn oput the same. Am I doing something wrong? I type
in the numbers on rgb, then click red, type in the numbers, then bule and so on!

Please help me!
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Skins Cassie

Texture Question.

I know that this has already been asked but I can't find that post. I've looked through the memories and some entries back and I can't find it :(. So, anyone could point me to a site where I can find this kind of textures?

Like this ---> by bloody_

Thank you SO MUCH!

-- Problem solved! Thanks! :)
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PSP Fonts Problem

I'm having a problem with my fonts in PSP. Please excuse me if this is something basic but I usually used photoshop and I've only been using PSP for about a month.

Only about half of the fonts I have installed are appearing in PSP. The ones that are missing all seem to be True type fonts although I can still select lots of other TT fonts. Also all my bitmap fonts have disappeared from selection and a handful of the others that used to be in western characters have turned into what looks like Arabic or Sanskrit! I also use The Font Thing and it tells me that the fonts are still installed. I'm wondering if using TFT to install the fonts might have something to do with it. I'm really scratching my head here. Can anybody help me please?
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So I was making a nice little Underoath banner and I go to add some brushes when all of a sudden, a pop-up error box pops up when the brushes are loaded 54% and it says "Out Of Memory". How can PSP run out of memory all of a sudden? It worked perfectly last night when I was making some icons. I downloaded a few fonts this afternoon--could that have affected it in any way? I tried restarting the computer, but no luck. If it makes a difference, I have a Windows XP computer.

Thanks in advance!
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