June 19th, 2006

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Mod Post: Questions About Icon Coloration

A moment ago I had to disabuse someone of the notion that in the wake of the creation of the new community icon_coloring, questions about how to achieve certain colorations on icons were made off-topic here in icon_tutorial. Let me be perfectly clear:

  • Questions about how to achieve certain colorations on icons remain on-topic in this community.
  • Comments by users attempting to refute that point are frowned upon. Repeated comments by users to such an effect may result in actions being taken by the moderators against the offending users.

While I'm very happy to see the creation, use of, and encouragement to use icon_coloring as a first stop for questions about coloration of icons, responding to a coloring query here with help that goes beyond, "Go to icon_coloring," is even more encouraged.

Side note to etoilepb: icon_coloring has been added to the list of instructional communities in the userinfo.

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three Photoshop coloring tutorials - video game specific

There really aren't a lot of tutorials out there that specifically use video game footage, and a lot of times when you use a coloring tutorial that uses a photograph or screencap of a movie or TV show, it makes a video game screen look absolutely terrible. Since pretty much all I use for icons these days is media from video games, using a lot of other iconists' tutorials is out of the question. I know I'm not the only one out there, so that's why I'm posting a few tricks I've been using for my own icons. Hopefully this will be of use to other vg iconists. Click on the icon to learn how I did it. ♥ All tutorials are incredibly easy, and use Photoshop CS2 but I'm sure they can be used in other programs.

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(no subject)

Alright I am working on the broken mirror icon. its comming along pretyt nicely. I'll post it later. Thanks to the people who helped with that! So what am I here for? Well Me being the person I am see an icon I love but want to make my own of so here is the icon I want to make, and yeah I ahve check the tuts. There is non on this.

Not sure who made it. The lj didnt credit.

Help? Thanks so much.
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Adobe PS7 problem

Hey, I have a small problem with Adobe PS7 and I'm hoping I can get some help to fix it.

When I have a new layer and I have chosen that layer tab and I'm moving the picture on that layer but not click directly on it, just somewhere else on the work area, the layer underneath it (like for example, the background) moves instead.

However, if I put my arrow on the picture on the layer and then move it, then only it works.

I know PS isn't supposed to be like that, any idea how I can get it fixed? Because it gets realy annoying, especially if I'm adding small text and want to move it.


Masking and Polaroid Brushes

I've been wanting to try masking brushes in my icon making and I just can't seem to find anything on how I would go about using them in Photoshop. I saw one tutorial on them while searching through a list of tutorials but it happened to be for Paint Shop Pro and it didn't work very well for me when I tried it out in Photoshop. So can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial on using masking brushes in Photoshop or give me tips on how they're used? I definately took a good look at the memories first and only saw a tutorial on masking layers not brushes.

Also, while I'm picking your brains is there a tutorial out there that shows how use Polaroid style brushes? I have a few that were a part of a nice mixed set of brushes and I'd love to try and use them.

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Does anyone know how to achieve a colouring like this?

A lot of Hopes' (smaller girl) pictures on MySpace have this style, and I've beenwondering how she does it.

Do you think it's just a setting on the camera? If not, please tell me how to do this colouring. Thank youuu. :)

EDIT; Solved, thank you so much. :)
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Colouring tutorial

I've seen a lot of requests for this kind of colouring, so here I am unveiling the ultimate secret, and I shall be killed for that. *hides*

PHOTOSHOP 7! But translatable.

How to go from to .

No curves, just colour layers (I hear you all shouting FINALLY!).

VERY dial-up friendly - just a screencap of a layer palette.

Intermediate--you need to have basic knowledge of layers to understand this. I don't go into detail. :)

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