June 20th, 2006


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I have a question which I hope is valid for this community.

I have a photo with is blurry and other than the sharping tool, is there any way I can make my picture more clear?

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I just wasn't sure if there was any way to make the picture more clear. If there isn't, thanks anyway. And I hope this isn't off topic.


Sorry to bother you all! I've just recently started using Photoshop CS2 after changing from GIMP. And I'm in a slight pickle - where is the pencil tool? I can't find it and I'm trying to draw a border on my icon.

Oh and one other thing - how do I rotate a layer?

Thank you SOOO much if you can help!

Problem solved! Thanks to alleycatfish and bobomagickicons!
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help with colourings

Ever get stuck on a batch of Icons?  Ever not know what to do?  Ever fallen off a clif and had to have an emergency brain transplant?  

Well, with the last one, you're probably living in a soap opera and I can't help.  But I can help with the first two.  Whenever I get stuck, these are some really easy standby colourings that I use all the time.

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System: Photoshop CS2 (trial version if u must know)

I can't find the settings for the system. I want it to stop the program from opening every image file there is ><. Plz help!

And as for icons where do people find the crazy patterns and fancy letters?
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Order from keyboard in Photoshop CS

I've recently installed Adobe Photoshope CS Version 8.0 but working with it I've had a bad surprise: when I try to use some of the order from the keyboard (example, Ctrl + C = Copy, or Ctrl + V = Paste) the order don't work. I'm wondering why... Can anyone help me?

Thanks, Nanyscia
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PSP8 Problem.

To be honest, it's more of an annoyance, than a problem. Here's the thing - I have a computer and a laptop, both which have psp8. On my computer, everytime I click the 'text' tool, the 'flood fill' tool, and the brush tool, the colours in the pallette remain the same colour, but on my laptop, when I click on the 'text' tool, to the 'flood fill' tool, the colour will change. If that makes any sense x)
For example, on my computer I'd click text, and the colour in the pallette would be red, and I'd click on 'flood fill' and it'd remain red, but on my laptop I'd click text, and it'd be red, and then click on 'flood fill' and the colour would turn blue or whatever.
I've tried resetting the preferences many times, and it doesn't work. Any ideas on what I could do to make the pallette colour remain the same? And, sorry if there's some obvious answer and I just can't see it.
Edit; All Fixed. Thanks twincy!