June 23rd, 2006

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My first tutorial- Ryan Ross

I am very excited about this!
This is my first tutorial and the first time i have been asked to make a tutorial for any of my icons!
This tutorial was requested by andnightsgrow.
It's not exactly the same as the original because of the cropping and whatnot but it's pretty damn close!

We're going from ----> in 14 steps.

Not incredibly image heavy but a basic knowledge of your programme would help.
Made in Photoshop CS2 but I'm sure could be easily translated.

I wish i could do fake cuts...
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(no subject)

Hey. I use PSP8 and AS3, and I'm looking for directions for animating pictures with cameras to have flashes. (I'm not good at describing,sorry.) The closest thing I've found in the memories is something for PS and IR, which looked like this:
But I'm looking to use that affect on something like this:
Or on some of my own pictures. If you have any advice, it will be greatly appreciated!
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PSP8 Help Please

Can someone please tell me the settings in PSP8 on how to achieve this effect on the current Icon that I am using. I think you go to effects..distortion..warp but I can't make it look like that or figure out what the settings should be at =/ I know each frame once distorted has to be pasted together in AS but just can't get the settings right. Thanks so much in advance.

(no subject)

Hi, I need help for font placements on icons & sigs.
For me, I always just put one word on an icon so I don't need to fuss so much about the placement & size.
But even as less than 3 words, I have difficulty putting them on an icon!
I need help with the font size choice etc.

I use PS CS2

Thanks in advance

How would I.. ?

How would I go about adding a glitter fill border to my icons? The last time I tried, I failed miserably. I'd preferably like a black 1px border around the inside (around the picture), and outside (after the glitter), as well.

I use Photoshop 3 (yes, the old school one, not Elements), and Image Ready.
merry christmas;

coloring.. help please?

i know my friend did this on arcsoft photoimpression 4,
but, i don't have that. i have ps8.
could anyone tell me how she made it look like
she said she put the highlight all the way up and the
midtones all the way down, but i duno how to do that on
ps8 :( please and thankyou <3

(no subject)

Hii there everyone! This is my first post in this community, but I've always come here to look at how to do different icons and it's a very helpful site! Anyway, onto my question. I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0, and I want to know how I would achieve the coloring in icons such as these:

by bullpuckey

by enginedriven

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

GIMP Tutorial

My first tutorial. I hope it helps someone.
I use The GIMP 2.2. Intermediate knowledge of the program should help. It's not the easiest tutorial, but not the hardest either.

We'll be going from to this:

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