June 24th, 2006

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Curves Question

When I attempt to put the input and output when in curves, I can only go up to 98 and as low as 2.
No matter how many times I click on the line or what position it is in, I cannot enter anything above 98 or below 2.
I use Photoshop 7.0 --what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Problem solved! Thanks strangelittlex :)
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Glitter Animation Tutorial

this is my first tutorial so i'm going to explain it as best as I can. i did not make this tutorial, i memorized it.
PROGRAMS: Paint Shop Pro 8 & Animation Shop 3
i'm sure it can be translated, it's pretty simple. you MUST have an animation program

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hi everyone

i have spent most of the morning and afternoon looking through tuts here and trying different things this is a great community....one thing i was looking for was a tutorial on how to make grunge masks or brushes..like the ones under cut...

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screencapping in windows media player classic

Awhile back I found a tutorial on changing the settings so I can screen cap in Windows Media Player Classic but now I can't find it. I had to reinstall my kodec so now my settings are on default. I've searched through all the screencapping memories but I can't seem to find it.

Does anybody have the tutorial saved or know what I'm talking about?

Any help would be appreciated alot.! Thanks in advance.

Sorry this isn't really "icon" related but that's what i need the screen cap for.
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Looking for a Tutorial...

I remember reading a tutorial about how to use different types of textures (like, which blending modes to use for which textures, for example). It was an excellent tut, and it had example images for each of the types of textures listed and whatnot.

I HAVE LOST THE LINK. *palmface* I've searched through the memories and gone through pages and pages on the community journal but haven't found anything close to this tutorial. I can't for the life of me recall the name of the tut or who it was by.

Does the description ring any bells? Can someone help me out here? PLEASE? I will love you forever. :3

EDIT: Found. Thank you so much, acc_prez!!! ♥
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Sharpening - PS

'kay hi, I'm new to the community...and LJ in general so chances are, I'm going to mess this up.

Here's another way to sharpen images. I'm finding it easier than the sharpen tool.

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Also, first tutorial. I'm a noob at everything. =O