June 27th, 2006

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OK I've done gone back through the entries, and I can not for the life of me find the tutorial I used to make the icon Ihave now. The only thing I vaguely remember was that the colors were very similiar to mine that I'm using now, and it had a sunburst, with a small red heart in the middle of it. I've been looking for the tutorial for several weeks, and have come up unsuccessful. I've checked a TON of the huge lists of tutorials that I've seen and have come up empty handed. If anyone has this tutorial bookmarked, I'd be very very very happy. Thanks so much in advance.

EDIT: The icon I'm referring to is the one I used when I posted this.

coloring effects..help?

does anyone know how i can achieve effects like ANY icons? i really like all..

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sorry i know that alot that i ask for..but even if i just learned the effect on one i would be happy.
& this is not ICON related..but i've seen alot of ppl using a font thats sorta..dotted? anybody know the name of it? hehe thanks i LOVE you guys so much<3

ps. sry if my english isnt good!
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Ok, does anyone know where I can find good quality GOF caps? Because everytime I find caps & try to icon-ize them they look disgusting. Like if I set it to screen, its just a mess.

So does anyone have any good quality caps? Or know any secret methods to make them look less .. gross? pleasee & thanks.