June 30th, 2006

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Mod Post: Welcome to Summer!

Hi Gang!

All the schools have just let out, it's a holiday weekend, everyone's feeling a little bouncy, and so it's a good time for some seasonal reminders from yours truly.

1.) Please read the rules in the userinfo. Posts that break these rules outright are simply deleted. This especially includes any and all "what [brush / font / texture] is this?" posts and their cousins, the, "Where can I find this [brush / font / texture]?" posts. There are resources for such things, and they are listed in the userinfo and memories.

2.) Always check the FAQ and memories first. There are guidelines available that will explain how best you can use the memories. And please, I promise you all: the questions in the FAQ really are all frequently-asked, so try looking there for the answers!

2a.) If you come across dead or locked links in the memories, please let me know which ones they are. i can't fix problems I don't know exist. There are some that have had the pictures removed but that still give helpful information if you take the time to read it; those I let stay on purpose.

3.) Remember to remain respectful of all other members. This works both ways: if you are posting a question, you should be respectful of the time and efforts pur forth by the people who are reading your post and trying to help you. If you are posting an answer, you should be respectful of the questioner. We are well over 10,000 members strong and are barrelling towards 15,000. Spamming the community with badly-written questions answerable in the FAQ and belittling users who are simply still learning are both severe offenses in my book, if you know what I mean.

4.) Stay on-topic. There are other communities around for some of your complaints or more esoteric questions. Try iconchat or iconrants for those.

Have fun, stay cool, enjoy making little 100x100 squares of delight out of all this summer's blockbusters. (Me, I have the world's biggest crush on a certain pirate captain...) If you have a problem with using the community or with something happening in it, please feel free to contact me. I get at least a dozen comments, e-mails, and IMs a week about this place and I'm happy to have them so long as it keeps everything running.


july 21

(no subject)

Umm, I'm not offering any help or anything but I'm a new maker and I need the help. I just got Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Image Ready 7.0 and I have the slightest idea on how to use them =S If anyone would like to help me, I'd highly appreciate it A LOT! :] Well, to get any of you started on how to help me.. How do you icon pictures? =S

Thanks a bunch!
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(no subject)

I thought it might be helpful to some to list all entries I can find of those huge lists of tutorials. Maybe for the memories? I know it will go in mine! If I have missed any, please comment with links! :) (The titles are what the users who made them called their respective pages.)

Tutorial Page of DOOM - fire_rag
A Large Group of Tutorials - dawn_icons
For my own reference - modern_illusion
Tutorials - curious_icons
Tutorials - bourniio
Tutorial Post - xxhouse_lovexx
Tutorial Index - heartthepretty
Favorite Tutorials List - skypenguin
Teh Brillian People - romanticblonde
Tutorial Archive - eternal_dreams2
Icon Tutorials - thequaffle
Tutorial List - luvflare
THESE ICONS ARE NOT MINE!!! - fantasia_icons (LOL They didn't have a title)
Large List of Tutorials - organza
Icon Tutorials - dakoterimayer
Photoshop Tutorials - thisfairytale
Icon Coloring - dolover
Other People's Tutorials - privateuniverse
Tutorials Index - privateuniverse
AG's Tutorial Spam (Collection) - agentgoodnight
Tutorial Index - Page One | Page Two - aiken_4graphics
A Huge List of Tutorials - Part One | Part Two - prettymuggle
Big Goddamned Tutorial Page™ - Part One | Part Two - ventruechick These pages are down for maintenance until further notice.
New and Improved Tutorial Index - Part One | Part Two | Part Three - myrasis
icontutorials' Index Page
Tutorials - Ever-wonder.net

When I get bored enough, I'm going to make one of these myself as well. :) So yeah, comment with more that you know of and I'll add them to the list! If you see any broken links, or links that lead to protected entries, let me know.

Disclaimer: Neither I, nor the users stated in this post made any of the icons in any of these posts, unless specifically stated.
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Hi guys :) I've just recently gotten into using better coloring for my icons like curves and such, and I have a question.

I use PSP 8, so I know it's totally different from photoshop, but when I see people doing tutorials, they do something called a new selective color layer? And they change reds, magentas, cyans, and all that jazz. Well, I can't seem to find that at all under layers>>new adjustment layer. Could someone please help me out?
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(no subject)

This is a reaaaally embarressing question, but its maaajorly irritating me. A few months back I made that icon. I really like the colouring, but for the life of me cannot remember how I made it. Can anyone help me?
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The 'Hey Let's Do Something Random And Cool!' Icon Tutorial

The 'Hey Let's Do Something Random And Cool!' Icon Tutorial
using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (easily translatable)

( experiment procedure at my icon journal! )

It's super easy, I promise! But it requires a bunch of imagination and creativity on your part. And a basic to moderate knowledge of your image program. No curves! Just textures and light blobs.

For more kind-of-easy-but-hard-to-follow-because-I'm-vague-and-lazy! tutorials, click below. A separate tutorial for each icon!

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