July 3rd, 2006

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Photoshp CS 2 help

My photoshop was working fine earlier, but just now i tried to load it and when i opened it it shut straight away.
On the third time i got an error message saying:

" Unable to recover because of a hardware or system error. Sorry, but this error ir unrecoverable"

Can anyone help me?

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My first tutorial

I've been learning a lot by looking at the tutorials here so I thought I better give back some of the love :-)

Go from  to
only using layers. I use PS Elements 2 but it's translatable.

Link to my journal. This works really well on bases with a lot of blue in them.

Other icons using the same steps:


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(no subject)

I've been wondering how to acheive this sort of effect(the light), I know people have asked, and I read what people say, but it never seems to work.

I set my layer to lighten, and everything, please help?

by fadedscribbles


by emily_malfoy

Thankyou for any help! I use PSP9

Flash Curves Tutorial

Regular Curves tutorials with screen captures not helping you understand Photoshop curves? Wish there was someone showing you, in real time, how to work this mysterious feature? Well, Cely is here to help!

I've created a flash tutorial (basically a recording with audo voice over) on the basics of curves. You can find the link at my journal here. Once you've watched it, please comment so I know whether or not I should waste my time making more of these in the future ^^
kristen bell.

(no subject)

hey guys, i've asked a question or two here before and i always get good answers, so i have another question. this is a really dumb one and i know its really obvious but i just can't seem to figure it out. so i have PSP version 10, aka PSPX. i can't figure out the whole text tool, i've used it before and i know how to change the font, but i can't seem to change the color .. its always black. and it also always comes out like block letters/WordArt. does anyone know how i can change the color, and get it be normal text?!

thanks a billion ♥

layer question

hello everyone.
so sorry to bother everyone wíth such a oh-so-simple (!?) question.
i use photoshop CS2 and i have now been wondering for a while about the layers.
the 'color layers'. i mean the layers that i can set, for example, to Exclusion, Color burn, Multiply and on and on..
ive read a lot of tuts here that have said that u should put you color layers to Burn.
right, no problem with that u think. but in my photoshop (once more: photoshop CS2) 'Burn'
is not an option. So, is there something wrong or do the burn option just dont exist in PS?
and if it do not exist, is there an alternative setting instead?

/Ida, sugar_and_blood :)
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Tutorial 1 - Bright & Contrasted

My first tutorial. Sorry if it’s crappy. I was trying to make one and I was getting so frustrated that I chose the one that looked best. =/

I’m not completely certain it’ll work with all images, so sorry again.

Made with PSP8, pretty sure it’s translatable. I’ve got PS, but I can’t use it to save my life.

Make this: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting or Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

From this: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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A circle of circles

circularSorry for the small, low-res image but can anyone tell me how to get this effect? I'm hoping to make round shapes composed of individual circles. I like that each shape is composed of circles of a different width. Does that make sense?

Or can someone direct me to a similar brush?

EDIT: Sorry, I'm using PS 7.0

(no subject)

hello. I've photoshop cs and I was just wondering why is it that the colors I see are different from when my friends see it. The thing is, I've been working on some posters so I sent a draft of it to a friend but it turns out that she sees the color as yellow instead of the orange I see on my photoshop. Is this something to do with the settings? My proof setup is Working CMYK. help please! :)
× : stock · why so orange?

(no subject)

New tutorial. The first step won't apply to every picture of course, but everything after the color balance layer can.

  • I use PSP8. However, it is translateable.
  • Not Image Heavy.
  • Beginner Friendly (or so I like to hope).


    Can be found here.