July 6th, 2006


I checked the memes, but...

Alright... I was wondering how this person accomplished a red glow to this icon... and the paper-ish/colouring effect to it too, any ideas?

I've looked through the memories, but I couldn't find anything...

I'm using Photoshop CS2.

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Help would be very much appreciated. ^_^
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Saving in B&W

I've been working on this animated icon, that is just a simple job of using 5 layers ontop of each other, nothing fancy. I am using PS9. I've made animated icons before, so I don't know what I am doing wrong, but my pics keep saving in B&W. I've tried changing from Indexed to RGB to CMYK Color, but the result is always the same once I get the pic together and save. The funny thing is it still LOOKS color even after I save it until I open in afterwards... than it's in B&W. Any help would be appreciated.

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I read the memories, but I didn't see this question answered. If it was there, I'm sorry, I must have missed it. :(
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Making Screencaps with WMP and GIMP 2.2

I looked in the memories, but I couldn't find anything on this, so here it goes:

For some reason, every time I try to make a screencap with Windows Media Player and GIMP (version 2.2), it messes up.

Several strange things happen:

- After I've paused on WMP and used the "print screen" button to cap it, then pasted it onto a new GIMP image, I can see the whole screencap even after cropping it if I simply click on the screen and move it around

- After exiting WMP, the screencap (cropped or not) turns to black.

Does anyone else have this problem? And if so, how can I fix it, still using these two programs?

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So sometimes when I'm making an icon, I'll throw in a texture, but oh, it's too dark, so I'll change it to a lower opacity.
But instead of the color becoming lighter, the texture is striped with these . . . scanlines.

here, this is what I'm talking about

Can anyone help me with this? ( I'm using Photoshop 7, by the way )

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I don't know if this is allowed, and if it isn't then be sure to let me know and I'll delete this entry. ANYways, I've been wanting to make a header such as this for the longest time:


And I saw how similar it is to the icons some of you make, so I was wondering, can someone direct me to a tutorial where I can learn how to make headers and effects like the one shown above? Or you can tell me what I need to do to obtain that kind of effect?


Oh yeah, and I use Photoshop 7. Thanks again!
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Could anyone help me figure out how to achieve the coloring in this icon by jakeicons?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'm pretty sure there's a color burn layer in there somewhere but I don't know what else. I'm still pretty new at all this :-P

Thanks so much!

Icon tutorial- using PS7

This is my first tutorial so bear with me! Im new to LJ, and am still getting used to it (I did this type of HTML like yearrrrs ago!). I posted it at my LJ, and then came across this community.

Going from this: to this:

At my Live Journal

*Prays that I haven't done anything wrong with this post*

Flora's Secret

Hi, this is Choc Choc and that's m first entry on Icon Tutorial. My own LJ is still under construction, but I think - Icon Tutorials needs everyone :) (Attention!!! Used PS CS)
Today we learn how to go from this, to this (i've found the image at corbis.com)

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(no subject)

i did my best to see if this has been answered already, so i'm sorry if it has >.< i'm kinda new to making icons so i was wondering if i should download textures and just save them or if i should put them in a certain file in psp 7 (brushes file, textures, gradients, etc.)


On crappy programs, I've gotten this to work before.

For transparency, picking a hideous color and then setting that color to become transparent. No matter how hard I try though, I just cannot get it to work in Photoshop (7). Any ideas how?

I think there was one nice tutorial but the images don't show up and I'm completely lost :(.

Thank you <3!