July 8th, 2006


Blurred edges

I've got a question regarding PhotoShop CS. Whenever I use the rectangular marquee tool (or any other shape for that matter) and I try to fill it in with a solid color with right click → fill (on a new layer), the edges turn out blurred. I've also tried filling the selection with the paint bucket tool, but the result stays the same. Would anyone know how to fix this? (I've checked the memories, but I was unable to find it.)

[Edit] Solved, thanks for the help!
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(no subject)

Hey Guys

I've got a little problem and I hope someone can help me =)

I've made an animation, the first one, and everything was going alright 'til I have to save it. And there's the problem.

When I go to File -> Save Optimized As there is THIS. And ... I don't know why but it didn't save it as .gif

Please, I need some help. Please =(
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ello ello! could someone please tell me how to acheive a smililar effect as this?

i don`t need to know the text and brushes, just the colouring please! THANKS SO MUCH :D

i use psp8, 9, and 10. thanks in advance.

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Alright, so I am fairly new to Photoshop Elements 4.0 (and making icons) and I just downloaded some textures to use for icons. How do I save them to photoshop so I can use them?
And, I have no idea how to use them, for whenever I do it doesn't work and my picture gets buried beneath the texture!
Help would be much appreciated!