July 10th, 2006

erte woman

Misplaced special characters

I have a font problem that's driving me nuts. I'm using PS CS2, and all my special characters (everything besides letters and numbers] are on wrong keys. When I try to write : it comes out as > and so on. I've tried to change the language setting from the dropdown menu but it doesn't help. I can avoid the problem by copy-pasting the characters from Word, but it's kind of irritating. Help?

Cornelia Tutorial

Another tutorial from me...wow, I'm bored.

Today we’ll be going from this ->Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting to this -> Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting.
This tutorial was made with Adobe Photoshop CS but can be used with past/new versions, and possibly other graphic-making programs.

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Sad Dooogie

(no subject)

Hello all! Could a kind soul please tell me how to acheive similar effects as this icon?

Thanks in advance ^___^  you guys are amazing! Oops, I use psp8, 9, and ten =]
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This is my second tutorial, hope it's as of help for some people, if not...oh well...at least I tried.

From to

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EDIT: I forgot to add - my created icons are free for taking, please credit if you'll use my icons or tutorial. Icons ARE base layers, so feel free to fool around with it. BUT...please let me know if you are gonna take them! No one like stealers.
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[pokemon pika] four eyes for sore eyes
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Swirly Dash Brush

I've checked the memories for both PSP and PS (since I could translate it), though I use Photoshop CS. I couldn't find my answer, so here I am posting a question.

I feel like this is probably simple but bah.

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Puck[Were The World Mine]

(no subject)

Hey guys how do you get the grit off of animated icons. I have Animation Shop 3. See I made this Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and when I went to save this optimazation box popped up and it would only let me save the optimized version not the regular is there a way to not get the optimize box? Because with out that its fine. Not grit.

Can anyone help me??