July 12th, 2006

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Ok, so a while back i stumbled across a tutorial featuring avril lavigne with a bunch of curves. i remember it was a banner and the outcome was very light colored. ive been serching the memories for hours now and im about ready to give up. can anyone point me to this tutorial?
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Manip ?


I hope someone can help me with probably a stupid question *Blush* How do you do an manip with PS CS2 or PSP X ?

For example i would like to put Draco's Face/head  on this body

(I've Put a link on the pics to find them in original size)

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Blurry Images

I tried checking the memories -- but I didn't see anything, but if there is, I'm sorry. xD

Anyway, I'm trying to get this image to become... less blurry (for lack of a word).  But when I try sharpening - and any other trick I can think of - it always comes out pixelly.  But when I resize it, it comes out fine - well, sort of. xD Which would be great, since I want to make an icon out of it anyway (it's my sister's graduation xD), but my parents would also want a picture-like-size for themselves. 

Is there any way I can someone get it to be... non-pixelly? xD

Thanks in advance! And I use Photoshop 6.0. (:
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How can I achieve the dots on this graphic? I asked the person who made it but she said that she isn't the best person to ask, because she has a hard time explaining and that she used a texture or background.

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horse field

Mr Tumnus and his poking umbrella

Long time lurker, first time poster. :) This is for one of my favorite icons.. (I say this because, even after months of making it, I don't crinkle my nose and go "eew" :D)

For this
From this

Not very image-heavy, as I have yet to master screenshot-ing every step. And maybe not for the beginners, since I didn't give every eensy weensy detail for every step.

Oh, and this was made in Photoshop CS. I haven't used any other program, so I don't know if it's translatable or not.

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into Jesus

Three tutorials

Three new Tutorials, one for GIMP, two for PSP.

We'll be going from this to in PSP 8. Translatable to other versions, really not sure about GIMP or PS.

From this to This one's easily translatable, but rather long.

PSP 8 Tutorials here

And from this to in GIMP, by request of cha_aka. Really should translate, since it's a recreation of a PSP icon in the first place.

GIMP tutorial here

I try to make my tutorials beginner friendly, so more advanced users can just scroll past my explanations if they like.