July 13th, 2006


Polaroids OH my!!

I searched through the memories and searched for how to use the polaroid brushes to the fullest effect.
After struggling to figure how to use it, I figured it out with simple steps! It was so easy! I do not see why it could not apply to other brushes to similar effects.

How to go from here: and NOT to here:

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kaz - glamorous beast

My First Tutorial!

I must apologize in advance if anything in this tutorial is blatantly obvious. I'm fairly new to using PS for icons, and this is my first tutorial... so I wanted to make something plain and easy to follow, something that even beginners can use (I hope!). If you have any suggestions or critiques, pleeeease let me know. :D

>>>>> using Photoshop 7.0.

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kristen bell.

(no subject)

k so i have A WHOLE BUNCH of coloring and text questions! i figured i'd put them all in one post rather than making seperate posts and taking up community space. you guys are probably sick of me by now, but whatever =]

does anyone know how to get the text box with the border in this icon?! i think it's really cool, but i wouldn't even know where to begin.

[credit - suziebr

and does anyone know how to get the colors in these?

[credit - freespirit08


[ credit - glambella

thanks sooo much! sorry its alot =[=[ i dont expect one person to answer them all, i just figured different people would comment with different colorings and such =]
Apply fanfic?

(no subject)

Okay, I'm having a problem, and it's nearly impossible to explain without sounding like I'm a few cards short of the deck, but I'll try.

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...is resized from 400x400 to 100x100 in Photoshop 7. When it was larger, it didn't have a 1px faded transparent border around it (you can tell it's transparent because the transparent 'texture' in photoshop is a greyscale image of boxes, which show up as what looks like a dotted line around the image)--but now, it does. Is there a photoshop option that adds this? Because it happens every time I resize, and I can't imagine why anyone would want the very outermost border of their brand new cropped image to suddenly be trying to look 'embossed' or something. It should be noted that this thing is nowhere near done, color-wise or anything, I was just trying to make it the right size, and am fed up with this stupid border crap.

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{actors} William

Capping programs

I've been capping for a while, and I've just been struck by a question:
Is there any capping program that will cap by itself? Like, where you can say for example. every 5 seconds, the program takes a screen capture?
Thanks in advance =)
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Crazy //

Color change.

Okay, so, I'm using Photoshop CS and for some reason when I save my icon in no matter what format, when I open it outside the program or even in the program after I saved it is either lighter or darker than the original. But when I try to show people on different computers they don't see a difference. A friend of mine said it could be my color resolution, but I have no idea.

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Sorry about the size, I quickly made this in MS Paint. I used to save them as .gifs in Imageready but it now saves the icons/graphics pixilated and blurry.

So any help?

(no subject)

k well this'll sound really lame but srsly i like this icon haha. credit has been lost, so if you know TELL ME.

i don't have the original, i'm sorry. :/ but if you maybe know just tell me?

i use adobe ps elements 2.0 btw.


like i'd to know the coloring to achive this like the layers. what effects and stuff to get the color?
Blue fairy

First Tut.

OK This is my very first tutorial. I have been learning various techniques, and I think I have come up with a reasonable colouring tutorial. Made with PSP9 I think it can be transferred. easily.

Going from this to this.

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